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What Causes Facial Pain?

What Causes Facial Pain?

Some people experience pain on one side of the face or both. This can be chronic or temporary situation that goes away with no treatment. Sometimes facial pain can persist and undermine a person’s quality of life. There are different causes of facial pain. MedlinePlus outlines the common causes as injuries, nerve issues and infections. Let’s look at how to tell if you are suffering from facial pain and a few common causes.

An Abscessed Tooth

Dental abscess is a common contributor to facial pain. The pain can increase in intensity when the abscess is not treated immediately. An abscess forms due to an infection whereby the bacteria has gotten to the nerves and blood vessels in your tooth. Dental abscess usually occurs when you have an infection. It is important to see your dentist Barrie immediately when you notice these symptoms. It will help to prevent the pain and also any inflammation that you may experience because of the abscess.

Dry Socket

When a tooth is extracted, there are cases when the blood doesn’t clot properly. This condition is painful and can lead to other symptoms such as swelling, bad taste and fever. If you have any of these symptoms after a tooth extraction, visit the dental clinic immediately. Your Barrie dentist will be able to treat the issue immediately and prevent the pain and swelling that comes along with it.

Family Dentist Barrie
Family Dentist Barrie

Temporomandibular Joints Disorders

The temporomandibular joints are designed to allow you to open and close your mouth with ease. When there is a dysfunctionality in these joints, you may begin to experience pain and discomfort. One of the main contributors of TMJ disorders is constant grinding and clenching of teeth. Most people who have a misaligned bite that goes untreated are at risk of TMJ disorders. There are conditions like arthritis which will increase one’s risk of TMJ disorders. Sometimes an injury or dislocation of the jawbone can cause the temporomandibular joints to stop working properly. This is a condition that can be identified by a family dentist Barrie and successfully treated. You may be given medications to treat the condition or simply be recommended exercises or a device like a mouth guard in order to correct the issue.

Sinus Infections

Commonly referred to as sinusitis, these infections can cause constant pain and aching especially in the upper jaw. You may experience swelling of the entire face. The symptoms of sinusitis can also be seen on the eyes, cheeks and ear because these places may appear to have excess pressure. Some people will have bad breath or get a fever because of a sinus infection. Visit a dental office Barrie if you suspect you could be suffering from sinusitis to get medications if the symptoms persist.


Herpes Zoster Virus, commonly known as shingles can have a negative effect on your oral health. The virus not only causes pain and blistering on different parts of the body but can also result in stiffness of facial muscles. Anti-inflammatory medicines are used to treat shingles but it’s important to visit the doctor if you suspect you may be having the virus.

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