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Facts About Dental Implants

5 Facts About Dental Implants You Need to Know

Gone are the days when the only treatment to replace missing teeth were the removable dentures. Traditional dentures were not only uncomfortable to wear but also difficult to maintain and didn’t look much like natural teeth. Today, we have dental implants that are much better than dentures in terms of comfort, appearance and ease of maintenance.

Are you looking for new teeth-in-a-day to transform your loose teeth or old dentures into a confidence-boosting smile? If so, Dr. Adam Chapnick, a renowned cosmetic dentist in Toronto, is here for you. We will make sure your self-esteem remains high as you improve your social connections. The immediately functional Toronto cosmetic dentistry we provide will get you talking, smiling, and laughing without any worries.

Dental Implants Have Been Proven Successful

A dental implant is an artificial tooth usually made from titanium metal to replace a missing tooth. The implant is designed to provide adequate support to a dental prosthesis like crown, denture or bridge. Implants are integrated into the jawbone and act as the root of the missing tooth.

Dental implants have an impressively high success rate. Most people who have a dental implant do not experience any complications during treatment. However, it is important to understand that the success rate depends on the oral health of the patient. Research shows that 95% of patients who have had dental implants have been successful.

Implants Are More Natural Looking Than Dentures

If you are looking for a tooth replacement procedure that will have a natural appearance and feel, this is it. Barrie dental implants look just like real teeth. They are very comfortable too. Dental experts will usually customize the implant to make it look like the wearer’s natural teeth. The missing tooth is perfectly cloned into an implant so that it is hard to distinguish between the real teeth and implants when the procedure is done.

Improve Your Ability To Chew Food

Having a tooth implant Barrie can help you to enjoy chewing food. Unlike dentures, which move or slide out of place when you start chewing, implants are integrated into the jawbone allowing you to chew food comfortably without having to worry about pain or discomfort. You can apply force on the tooth when biting just as you would normally do with your natural teeth. Most traditional dentures will not allow for this which makes implants a great choice.


For What Implants Are Designed?

Implants are designed to replace not just the crown part of a missing tooth but all the way from the roots. Many dental procedures for replacing missing teeth are mainly focused on the crown. However, the dental implants are designed to work on the tooth from the areas that are not seen, the roots, to provide a long-term solution to your missing tooth. When the roots of your missing teeth are replaced by the implant, it tricks the jawbone to think that a real tooth is present and this encourages new tissue to grow in the area creating a stronger and more natural bond between the implant and jawbone.

Implants Can Protect Surrounding Healthy Teeth

With a dental implant, you really don’t have to worry about the health of the surrounding teeth. This tooth replacement option ensures that adjacent teeth are not affected in any way. The implant allows the dentist to position a bridge or crown on top so the other healthy teeth do not suffer.

We are a Family Friendly Practice

At Chapnik Dental Office, we provide family dentistry services. Toronto and Barrie dentist, Dr. Adam Chapnick works with every child to build trust and comfort through the entire dental visit process.

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