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Learn The Main Causes Of Toothaches

Learn The Main Causes Of Toothaches

Most people will experience a toothache once in their lifetime because of one reason or the other. No matter how keen you are on maintaining good oral health, a toothache is almost inevitable. Not all toothaches occur because of a cavity. Let’s look at some common causes of toothaches and how to avoid them.

Tooth Sensitivity

This often occurs when you take hot or cold drinks or foods. In this case, there’s a high chance that your toothache is due to a cavity. Teeth can become sensitive because of issues such as receding gums or a thinning enamel. The toothpaste you use could also contribute to tooth sensitivity because it’s thinning your enamel. You may consider changing the type of toothpaste or using a toothbrush with soft bristles in order to deal with the sensitivity and pain.

Is The Toothache Severe?

If you are experiencing a severe toothache, it’s time to visit the dental clinic. You may notice a severe pain whenever you bite food. This can be as a result of a cracked tooth or cavity. Sometimes a throbbing pain may be as a result of an abscess which is a sign of infection. Infected teeth need to be treated by the family dentist Barrie immediately. Make sure the issue is taken care of fast. If left untreated, an abscess can quickly spread and damage several teeth. Cavities as well need to be treated immediately. Not only do they create room for bacteria and sensitivity but also compromise the appearance of your smile and can cause bad breath.

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Toothaches Can Be Caused By Sinus Infections

Contrary to popular belief, a toothache can be as a result of a sinus infection. This normally occurs when you also experience nasal congestion or feel some pressure on your sinuses. Sinus infections cause pain on the upper teeth. You may also experience pain on certain parts of your face that doesn’t go away. If you suspect you could be suffering from a sinus infection, visit the nearest dental clinic or doctor immediately.

The toothache could also be caused by a temporomandibular disorder. This is simply a disorder of the temporomandibular joints which are responsible for moving the jaw up and down. The TMJ disorders can be caused by an injury or grinding the teeth. It could also be attributed to an underlying condition like arthritis or a cancer that affects the jaw. In this case, you need to seek help immediately. A specialized Barrie dentist should diagnose the condition and offer the best form of treatment.

Always Get Professional Advice

If you are suffering from a consistent toothache, always see your dentist Barrie just to be sure. Do not wait until the pain gets out of hand before you can visit your dental office Barrie. The tooth pain may advance and become even harder to treat. This is especially the case if it is as a result of a cavity, abscess or condition like TMJ disorder. Opt for subsequent dental treatment so that you can get rid of the issue once and for all.

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