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Oral cancer screening is an important first line of defense in the early detection of the disease. Offering dental services would not be possible without taking into account this very important fact. We are among the few dentists in Barrie offering oral cancer screening, yielding several opportunities to catch oral cancer in its early stages.


This year alone, there will more than 3,200 new cases of oral cancer in Canada and that is not including those with pre-cancer diagnoses. Though more people die every year from oral cancer than melanoma or cervical cancer, more than 84 percent of cases can be caught early by a dental professional. No pain or discomfort felt, an oral cancer screening in Barrie takes less than five minutes and is performed at your regular check-up appointment. As you undergo the usual routine, the dentist will simply be checking for any lumps or abnormalities; any red, white or grey areas; or any tenderness that may be felt.


What to expect with an oral cancer screening is a top to bottom, front to back physical examination of your mouth, tongue, lip, and gums. A dentist professional will examine and inspect the floor of your mouth, underneath your tongue and the roof of your mouth. They will touch and inspect the lymph nodes in your neck and jaw, pull out the tongue with gauze for an inspection, and may ask questions about your smoking and/or drinking habits, lifestyle, and any health conditions or medications you might be taking that may affect the condition of your mouth.

Ideally you want an oral cancer test to be completed with every six-month check-up. All of our dental hygienists and dentists have training in oral cancer screening and examinations. If you have not been offered an oral cancer exam, please inquire with your next visit.


It also must be noted that if you find a suspicious area in your mouth or have found something akin to the symptoms of oral cancer, it does not necessarily mean that you have it. Statistically, a very small percentage of people with abnormalities are diagnosed with oral cancer. This is the truth though further investigation by a dentist professional is always recommended for all abnormal areas to rule out cancerous lesions. Thereby an oral cancer screening might include a biopsy of a suspicious area, if one is found.


Studies have shown that less than 15 percent of those who visit a dentist report having received an oral cancer screening. Molson Park Dental Office are proud to be able to play a role in augmenting that percentage, offering dentist services and oral cancer screening in Barrie serving members of the community.


It is our aim to continue to create awareness of oral cancer screening in Barrie and to promote these type of early discovery methods. If you have a suspicious area of your mouth or haven’t had a dental check-up in over a year then don’t hesitate to schedule an appointment with Molson Park Dental Office. We will guide you through the steps of an oral cancer screening while measuring your oral health, providing you with the resources you need to keep your mouth, tongue, lips, and gums healthy.

Oral Cancer Screening
Natalia Bradu
Natalia Bradu
14:55 26 Apr 17
I would like to highly recommend dr Adam to anyone who's looking for a professional and cost effective dental implants expert. Great staff, very easy going process. Thank you again
Shamil Shamilov
Shamil Shamilov
13:11 26 Apr 17
Great experience! I always enjoy my visits here. Staff is friendly and service is above all expectations. Highly recommended!
Yulia Rebarbar
Yulia Rebarbar
13:13 26 Apr 17
My mom got 2 dental implants at this dental clinic and she is very happy with the results. The price was reasonable and the service was outstanding.
Andrew B
Andrew B
13:31 26 Apr 17
I can say nothing but Thank you to Adam Chapnik and his team. Very professional and friendly team and each appointment was pleasant and easy.
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