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Top Questions About Cosmetic Dentistry Answered

Improve your smile with modern technology

Cosmetic dentistry has become a popular field in the dental world. In this area of dentistry, procedures are done to improve a person’s smile. Different materials like porcelain and Invisalign technology are used to give patients a natural looking and healthy smile. The procedures are done while making sure the health of your teeth and gums is also maintained. Below are a few questions you probably need answers for before considering any cosmetic dental procedure.

Is cosmetic dentistry similar to general dentistry?

Dentists who practice general dentistry specialize in procedures that improve the health of your mouth without doing them for cosmetic reasons. On the other hand, cosmetic procedures involve restoration procedures that promise to work on your aesthetics. Even though cosmetic dental procedures will also improve the function and health of your teeth, this is not the initial aim. The goal of any cosmetic dental procedure is to boost the appearance of your smile; the others such as functionality come in second place.

Which cosmetic dental procedures are most common?

The type of cosmetic dental procedure that is most suitable for you will depend on several situations. A cosmetic dentist will assess the state of your teeth and gums and recommend the most suitable form of treatment. Your dental plan may include any of the following:

  • Porcelain veneers
  • Shaping and recontouring
  • Dental implants
  • Colored fillings
  • Dental crowns

Remember that each dental procedure that is done for cosmetic reasons has its pros and cons. Review these with your Barrie dentist before you settle for it.

Should you expect to pay more for cosmetic dental procedures?

Cosmetic dentists usually charge more than general dentists to perform certain procedures. This is because the level of skill and type of technology that is used in cosmetic dental is far more advanced. However, if you consider the fact that the procedure will be done by a certified cosmetic dentist and improve your smile and self-esteem, the money you spend is certainly worthwhile. Find a reliable cosmetic dentist that is able to give you a beautiful and natural smile.

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Are there any benefits of cosmetic dental procedures?

When cosmetic dental procedures are properly done, you will get a natural looking smile makeover. The dental restorations are designed to mimic your natural teeth. With treatments like Invisalign, you can treat issues like misaligned or crooked teeth without anyone noticing. Additionally, some procedures used in general dentistry such as the metal amalgam fillings have adverse side effects. The fillings are known to contain mercury that can leak to the surrounding tissues and cause serious oral problems.

Who can perform cosmetic dental procedures?

Cosmetic dental is an area reserved for only certified and trained cosmetic dentists. If you are interested in any type of cosmetic dental procedure, do adequate due diligence to ensure the clinic you visit has qualified personnel. Most areas have cosmetic dentist clinics. You will be in good hands if a qualified and skilled cosmetic dentist is working to give you that beautiful and healthy smile you’ve always wanted. 

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Natalia Bradu
Natalia Bradu
14:55 26 Apr 17
I would like to highly recommend dr Adam to anyone who's looking for a professional and cost effective dental implants expert. Great staff, very easy going process. Thank you again
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Shamil Shamilov
13:11 26 Apr 17
Great experience! I always enjoy my visits here. Staff is friendly and service is above all expectations. Highly recommended!
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Yulia Rebarbar
13:13 26 Apr 17
My mom got 2 dental implants at this dental clinic and she is very happy with the results. The price was reasonable and the service was outstanding.
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Andrew B
13:31 26 Apr 17
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