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Men And Oral Health

Facts About Men And Oral Health

Research has shown that men are generally carefree at maintaining good oral health than women. Oral issues like gum disease, tooth loss and infections are very common among men. Men seek restorative dentistry procedures more times than women. While women may be at higher risk of certain conditions like high blood pressure and heart disease, men take the leading role when it comes to dental infections. Let’s look at a few interesting facts about oral health among men.

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Men Are More Likely To Miss Dental Visits

According to a research that was done by the Academy of General Dentistry (AGD), men are more likely to miss going for their regular dental checkup than women. Most men will not take preventative dentistry very seriously. They would rather visit the dentist when they are experiencing an issue that needs to be treated.

Women Brush Their Teeth More

Another research done by the AGD revealed that 8% more women brushed their teeth more regularly than men. A woman is more likely to brush her teeth twice a day than a man. This contributes significantly to the poor oral health among men. Most women will go ahead and brush their teeth after every meal but the figure is much lower among men.

Gum Disease Is More Common Among Men

The GDA also revealed that 34% of men between the ages of 30 to 54 years suffer from gum disease. This is a higher number compared to 23% of women between ages 30 to 54 years. The main reason for this is that men within this age range are less keen on going for regular dental checkups and also general care and maintenance of their teeth.

Men Are More Likely To Suffer From Dry Mouth

The risk of dry mouth is higher among men than women. It’s probably because men are more likely to suffer from high blood pressure and heart disease which causes one to consume medication that results in dry mouth. Dry mouth creates room for bacteria which gives rise to common dental problems like gum disease.


Pharyngeal Cancer

Men are more at risk of serious dental issues like pharyngeal cancer than women. This is according to a research that was done by the Washington State Department of Health. Men are also said to have fewer teeth than women by a certain age. They tend to lose teeth faster than women due to infections and other forms of damage. Hence men seek dental replacements much more than women.

Men Have A High Risk Of HPV

Due to poor oral health, men are a higher risk of HPV than women. The University of Texas performed a study that indicated men are more likely to experience the oral issues that develop due to exposure to HPV infection.Men can take several steps to improve their oral hygiene and keep dental issues at bay. It starts with simple things like brushing twice a day and flossing once every day. Going for regular dental checkups is also key as this helps to treat issues before they worsen.

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