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Tips for Oral Care during Pregnancy

Pregnancy causes a huge change in the hormones of your body. With these changes it becomes easier to develop dental diseases. This is because the changing chemistry in your body affects even the mouth and creates a favorable condition for bacteria to work in. Growing evidence shows that getting gum disease while pregnant can affect the condition of the baby. You risk giving birth early or giving birth to a smaller, lighter baby. The studies done show that gum diseases lead to an increase in biological fluids that can trigger labor. When it worsens, it affects the health of the baby leading to a low weight birth. This risk is what makes it important to take even extra care of your dental health while pregnant.

Dental Care & Pregnancy Risks


During pregnancy one faces the risk of three dental conditions. Gum disease, dry mouth and enamel erosion. For dry mouth, this comes about, with the increased acidity you may get from morning sickness and the increased body demands for fluids. Failing to rinse off your mouth immediately after nausea adds to the risk of enamel erosion as the acidic content piles up.


Prenatal Oral Care


The first step in prenatal oral care starts even before you get pregnant. If you are planning to become pregnant or suspect you could be pregnant, you need to visit a Barrie dentist. The dentist will do a thorough check up of your mouth checking the gums and teeth. You will get professional cleaning services which sets the base for your dental care in during your pregnancy period. All urgent procedures should be done with before your get pregnant while the elective ones can be postponed to a later date. In case you are several weeks into your pregnancy, you will need to consult your obstetrician on any precautions you should take

Barrie Dentist
Barrie Dentist

Other Tips To Observe


  • If you are undergoing any dental treatment you will need to let the dentist know of any other medicine and supplements you are taking that are involved with the pregnancy. This will ensure you do not take reactive medications that can harm you.
  • If you need dental X-rays the procedure should be done in a safer way protecting your abdomen and thyroid.
  • Consistently follow your oral hygiene practices from brushing to flossing without fail
  • Rinse off your mouth immediately after morning sickness and if you are experiencing problems with toothpastes, pick a mild flavored one or take a bland tasting one. Your dentist can help you with the right advice. You can use a homemade mouth rinse by adding a teaspoon of baking soda in water and using it to rinse your mouth.
  • If you are having acid reflux, use sugar-free chewing gum to stimulate saliva which neutralizes and washes away the acid.
  • Reduce your intake of sugary fluids and snacks. Instead drink a lot of clean tap water which has fluoride. Take foods rich in calcium especially non-sweetened dairy milk or other alternatives.
  •  Your nutritional needs are higher when you are pregnant. You will need to eat more nutritious foods especially for minerals and vitamins. Make fruits and vegetable salads your snacks.
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Natalia Bradu
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