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Things a Dentist Will Tell You

4 Things Your Dentist Will Probably Tell You On The Next Visit

Many of us rush to the internet for any information not just regarding oral health but our overall wellbeing. Truth be told, there’s no shortage of information about anything online. But that doesn’t mean everything you come across, especially on the web, is authentic and true.

Are you looking for new teeth-in-a-day to transform your loose teeth or old dentures into a confidence-boosting smile? If so, Dr. Adam Chapnick, a renowned cosmetic dentist in Toronto, is here for you. We will make sure your self-esteem remains high as you improve your social connections. The immediately functional Toronto cosmetic dentistry we provide will get you talking, smiling, and laughing without any worries.

Your Dental Clinic Has all the Answers you’ll ever Need

When it comes to your oral health, it’s best to get the advice of your Barrie dentist. Forget all the myths and misconceptions being spread about your oral health and focus on the facts. If you want to maintain a bright and healthy smile, source for information from the horse’s mouth. Your dental clinic has all the answers you’ll ever need so take advantage of the time you spend there. Some of the things your dentist is likely to tell you will be mentioned below.

Chew the Right Kind of Gum

Chewing gum is not bad for your dental health. The problem comes when you chew the wrong kind of gum. Gum that contains Xylitol is highly recommended by dentists. This important ingredient helps to prevent the formation of bacteria in the mouth. It’s used to substitute sugar and can really help you to keep cavities at bay. The next time you feel the urge to chew, check the product label to ensure the gum contains Xylitol.

Review your Insurance Plan

Not all insurance plans provide the best care for dental issues. For a start, you need to ensure that your insurance provider offers at least 3 dental checkups. These are regular visits that you can schedule throughout the year to simply have the dentist review the state of your teeth and gums. Most insurance companies do not cover any procedure under cosmetic dentistry. When shopping for a dental clinic, be sure to find out if they are included in your insurance company’s network. Most importantly, know what is covered before you step into the dental clinic.

Never Ignore Bleeding Gums

Bleeding gums are usually a sign that something is terribly wrong. When you have bleeding gums, chances are that you are suffering from a periodontal disease. Periodontal diseases can lead to permanent loss of teeth so you have to get it checked out immediately. Even minimal bleeding of the gums should not be ignored. Rush to the dentist immediately and you’ll be given a suitable treatment after proper tests are done.


How to Maintain Good Oral Health?

Brushing and flossing your teeth is not enough to maintain good oral health. You need to practice proper brushing and flossing. If unsure of how to brush your teeth or floss, ask the dentist to do a quick demonstration. Your dentist will be happy to show you how to clean the tongue and even recommend the right products to use in order to keep bacteria out of your mouth.

Cosmetic Procedures

A good dentist will care about your oral health just as much as you do. Feel free to ask questions and clarifications whenever you are unsure about anything. You can even go over some cosmetic procedures that can improve your smile.

We are a Family Friendly Practice

At Chapnik Dental Office, we provide family dentistry services. Toronto and Barrie dentist, Dr. Adam Chapnick works with every child to build trust and comfort through the entire dental visit process.


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