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Dental And Cosmetic Reasons To Wear Braces

Braces improve the functioning of teeth

People wear braces for different reasons. There are those who suffer from overbites or underbites and need braces in order to improve the functioning of their teeth and prevent oral problems. Others will wear braces purely for cosmetic reasons to cover gaps in between their teeth or straighten crossed over teeth. Let’s look at ways in which braces can help to boost one’s smile and dental health.


Braces to fix malocclusions

Malocclusions are misalignments of the teeth. The most common malocclusions are overbites and underbites. In an overbite, the upper jaw protrudes to the front and the lower molars are positioned posterior. An underbite is where the lower molar is positioned anterior whereas the lower jaw protrudes to the front. Both overbites and underbites can damage the gums and cause the teeth to wear down. If not treated early, overbites and underbites can cause severe pain and hinder proper functioning of the teeth.


Braces to fix spacing

Some people have the ideal bite but feel uncomfortable due to crowded teeth or a lot of space in between the teeth. There are different circumstances that can cause spacing in between teeth. When you have very small teeth or a large jaw, you may experience spacing issues. While you may like the space in between your teeth, some people tend to feel uncomfortable with this. Cosmetic dentistry can be done to fix this.


Crowded teeth

The teeth can become crowded or crossed over when you lose baby teeth too early or due to habits like sucking the thumb. Having crowded teeth may not be ideal for various oral health reasons. When the teeth are crowded, it’s hard to clean them and prevent decay. Often, if this problem is not fixed, it can lead to serious periodontal diseases. Crowded teeth can cause an improper bite which also wears down the teeth and eventually causes it to break. Broken teeth create room for cavities and infection of the gum.

Cosmetic dentist barrie
Cosmetic dentistry procedures invisable braces

Braces or Invisalign?

Braces are usually the most common option for anyone who wants to straighten teeth or solve some of the issues we’ve mentioned above. However, braces can have certain drawbacks. They tend to become uncomfortable, they cannot be easily removed, your teeth may be exposed to decay when you don’t floss and brush properly and they are also very visible. These factors have made most people shy away from using braces whether for cosmetic or dental reasons. Invisalign, on the other hand, come with numerous advantages.

To start with, Invisalign technology allows you to improve your smile or correct a poor bite without anyone noticing. The aligners are visible and they are customized to treat the teeth which have a problem. With this new technology, patients can achieve a better smile discreetly. Furthermore, the aligners can be easily removed so one doesn’t have to change their diet as is the case when using brackets. The good news is that the procedures used to correct dental problems and improve your smile are endless. You just need to discuss with a Barrie dentist on the most suitable approach for you.

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J Cave
J Cave
12:59 09 Jul 18
We moved to Barrie in 1997 and my family has been coming to Dr. Chapnick since then! We love the whole team and have never had a bad visit! I encourage everyone to come here .
Nikki Stephens
Nikki Stephens
21:37 06 Jun 18
I had such a relaxing experience for a tooth extraction. Super friendly staff. Now today is my son's first consult and he is having a great time in the play area. Highly recommended!
Kayla Lopez
Kayla Lopez
12:37 08 Jun 18
What a fantastic office, the staff are incredibly thoughtful and friendly ❤ And a big thank you to Monique, who was so patient and gentle with my kids, they're actually excited to go to the dentist if they know that shes going to be there. Highly recommend!
Cassandra Mckechnie
Cassandra Mckechnie
15:28 31 May 18
The staff here are always so friendly! I hadn’t been to a dentist in years before coming here. It’s a very stress free environment where you can relax while there.
Nadia Chalmers
Nadia Chalmers
19:04 30 Jan 18
Our daughter was 5 weeks old when she had a frenectomy done at Molson Park Dental and we couldn’t be happier with the experience and end results. The entire team was so friendly and did such a wonderful job keeping me at ease during the procedure. Also, our daughter started nursing 100 times better immediately after the procedure was done. We can’t thank you enough for allowing us to continue our breastfeeding journey pain free and allowing our daughter the ability to nurse efficiently :)
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