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Choosing the Right Toothbrush

Tips for Choosing the Right Toothbrush

The core of every dental care plan involves brushing your teeth. The toothbrush is the most readily available instrument for this. The act of brushing teeth has been in place since ancient times. Early civilizations in Babylon, Egypt, and Mesopotamia were using frayed twigs as early as 3500BC. The Chinese went a step further, they invented a chewing brush and they were the first ones to invent the bristled toothbrush in the 15th century. They had to use hogs bristles to make the first bristled brush. Later, horse hair was used for its soft texture. The two would become the standard materials for bristled toothbrushes until the introduction of nylon fibers.

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Luckily, present times offer numerous options and alternatives, it is hard to imagine how tooth brushes that were made from pig hairs looked like. The only challenge in modern times is finding the right toothbrush to use. There are plenty of individual factors at play as well as different brush designs that have to be matched. The wrong toothbrush can prevent the effectiveness of your cleaning efforts. It can also harm your gums and also lead to tooth sensitivity.

The size of the toothbrush’s head determines the comfort with which you can move it in your mouth. It also determines how easy it will be for you to use it in the deeper to access areas like behind the molars. It should also not be too small to affect the effectiveness of brushing. The recommended size for adults is half an inch wide and one inch long. It is also important to get a long enough handle to make the handling easier.

Bristles Texture

The texture of bristles is available in three categories: soft, medium and hard. Dentists recommend the soft bristles because they are comfortable and safe to your teeth. The harder brushes can cause harm to your gums and also erode the enamel of your teeth.

Get Recommended Tooth Brushes

For those with dental conditions, it is important to consult an expert like your Barrie dentist on the kind of brush to use. The American Dental Association has a list of approved toothbrushes. This can help you determine quality brushes.

Manual Toothbrushes vs. Electrical Toothbrushes

The emergence of affordable models of electric toothbrushes has placed many in a challenge on which type to pick. In terms of effectiveness, there is little that separates them. This is according to a review of 30 studies done to compare the effectiveness of disposable toothbrushes and the electrical ones. While it comes down to personal choice, here are some pros and cons for each model to help in making your decision.


Electrical Toothbrushes


  • Less effort
  • Can access harder to reach areas much better
  • Built in timer that helps you meet the recommended brushing duration
  • Useful for people dealing with limited mobility of the hands


  • Requires charging
  • Is expensive
  • Can break much easily than the manual models

Manual Toothbrushes


  • Inexpensive
  • Available in multiple styles and designs to pick from
  • No need for batteries and charging


  • No timer
  • Involves much effort

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