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Common Dental Problems

6 Common Dental Problems And How To Fix Them

Certain dental issues can significantly lower your self-esteem. From bad breath to crooked, decayed and discolored teeth, you may be sentenced to a life of frowning. Luckily, cosmetic dentistry has provided simple solutions to seemingly the worst dental problems. You can now improve your smile and freely socialize without feeling the need to hide your teeth. Let’s look at a few dental issues that can be solved by a cosmetic dentist.

Are you looking for new teeth-in-a-day to transform your loose teeth or old dentures into a confidence-boosting smile? If so, Dr. Adam Chapnick, a renowned cosmetic dentist in Toronto, is here for you. We will make sure your self-esteem remains high as you improve your social connections. The immediately functional Toronto cosmetic dentistry we provide will get you talking, smiling, and laughing without any worries.

Tooth Decay

Cavities are not just unsightly but also contribute to bad breath. Other than getting the normal filling from your general dentist, you may want to consider cosmetic dental procedures to deal with cavities once and for all. A cosmetic dentist can insert a colored filling or porcelain inlay/onlay to cover the cavity and prevent the tooth from additional decay. The fillings can easily go unnoticed and that’s why it’s considered a cosmetic procedure.

Crooked Teeth

Teeth misalignments can hinder the appearance of one’s smile and also lead to bite problems. If you have crooked or misaligned teeth, a cosmetic dentist may recommend procedures such as Invisalign or the use of porcelain veneers to correct this. A visit to your cosmetic dentist may uncover a treatment option that is suitable for your needs and situation.

Broken Teeth

When you have broken teeth in your mouth, there’s a high risk of getting an infection to your gum when food particles get stuck in between the crevices. To avoid this, your cosmetic dentist may recommend a dental crown or onlay. Broken teeth are repaired and blend seamlessly with the rest of your natural teeth.

Missing Teeth

Your teeth may have fallen out for one reason or the other. May be you were involved in a contact sport or severe decay and periodontal infections caused you to lose teeth permanently. Whatever the case, you can replace missing teeth with the help of cosmetic dental procedures. A dental implant can be used instead of a dental bridge to replace the missing teeth. Modern implants are designed to mimic natural teeth and give you a flawless and beautiful smile.

A Gummy Smile

If you suffer from an uneven gum line, your cosmetic dentist can be of great help. Having your gum line showing more than your teeth when you smile may be something you are not comfortable with. There are a number of gum recontouring procedures that can be done by the cosmetic dentist to correct this.


Why your Teeth Can Become Stained?

Your teeth can become stained because of your lifestyle (drinking lots of coffee, tea or red wine). Visiting your cosmetic dentist to have him/her whiten the teeth can bring back your bright and stunning smile. Cosmetic dentists have discovered different products and equipment used in teeth whitening to make the process more effective and painless.

Cosmetic Dental Procedures

There are many other cosmetic dental procedures that can be done to help improve your smile. Remember that every individual is different in terms of their needs and preferences so speak to your Barrie dentist regarding a procedure that would best suit your lifestyle.

We are a Family Friendly Practice

At Chapnik Dental Office, we provide family dentistry services. Toronto and Barrie dentist, Dr. Adam Chapnick works with every child to build trust and comfort through the entire dental visit process.


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