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The Benefits Of A Dental Implant Bridge

The Benefits Of A Dental Implant Bridge

One of the procedures that your dentist may recommend to replace missing teeth is the dental implant bridge. Bridges are widely used to replace several missing teeth. When the procedure is done, it allows the patient to chew food better, have an improved smile and get rid of uncomfortable dentures. Patients have different goals when they seek a dental implant bridge. If you are considering having Barrie dental implants, let’s go over a few advantages of a dental implant bridge to help you make a more informed decision.


A Dental Implant Bridge Will Protect Surrounding Healthy Teeth

This is one of the most cost effective ways to maintain the good health of your remaining teeth and also improve your chewing. With a dental implant bridge, you don’t have to spend a lot of money having individual implants installed. Most people who are missing several teeth will opt for a dental implant bridge in order to improve their ability to chew. With a few teeth missing, you end placing extra pressure on the remaining teeth and this is what eventually causes damage.


Prevent Compromising Your Speech

Missing several teeth can lead to impaired speech. Having a dental implant bridge can help to restore your ability to pronounce words clearly. The bridge is designed to permanently fit in the mouth just like your natural teeth. It’s comfortable and securely placed.

Tooth Implant Barrie
Barrie Dental Implants

Perfect Procedure For Insufficient Jaw Bone

There are patients who will seek a tooth implant Barrie because they do not have sufficient jawbone that can support an implant. A dental implant bridge in this case will help to provide the perfect smile by allowing the full set of teeth to appear without placing extra pressure on the jawbone. There are actually patients with missing teeth who cannot have implants because of an insufficient jawbone.


Better Than A Denture

Are you considering having a denture to replace your missing teeth? Opt for a dental implant bridge. A bridge is more advantageous compared to a denture. For a start, a dental implant bridge will provide a lot more support than the traditional dentures. This is because the bridge is fixed permanently and doesn’t need to be removed when you need to clean the area. This makes it easier to maintain for the wearer. Other than that, a dental implant bridge is designed to feel and look just like natural teeth. You will improve your smile with a procedure that will go unnoticed. Enjoy no discomfort as is common when you have traditional dentures.


Enjoy A Great Long-Term Value

With a dental implant bridge, you will enjoy the long-term outcome of having the procedure done. It is permanently fixed so you never have to think of removing it or movements as is the case with dentures. Bridges are also made using high quality materials to not only enhance their natural look but also ensure they do not expose your teeth to damage or infection. However, you must ensure that the bridge is placed by a qualified dental expert.

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Natalia Bradu
Natalia Bradu
14:55 26 Apr 17
I would like to highly recommend dr Adam to anyone who's looking for a professional and cost effective dental implants expert. Great staff, very easy going process. Thank you again
Shamil Shamilov
Shamil Shamilov
13:11 26 Apr 17
Great experience! I always enjoy my visits here. Staff is friendly and service is above all expectations. Highly recommended!
Yulia Rebarbar
Yulia Rebarbar
13:13 26 Apr 17
My mom got 2 dental implants at this dental clinic and she is very happy with the results. The price was reasonable and the service was outstanding.
Andrew B
Andrew B
13:31 26 Apr 17
I can say nothing but Thank you to Adam Chapnik and his team. Very professional and friendly team and each appointment was pleasant and easy.
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