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Know the Types of Smile Before Choosing Dental Treatments

Before you rush to have a cosmetic dental treatment done to transform your smile, it’s important to know the types of smiles and the best course of action for each. Whether you want to have porcelain veneers, dental implants or crowns, the aesthetic and cosmetic dentistry procedure you choose should give you the best results.


It wasn’t until the 90s that dentists understood how to classify smiles. Today, many modern dentists will want to figure out the type of smiles their patients have in order to determine what fits each patient and the best treatments to consider. Dentists are now coming up with different methods to help patients achieve certain types of smiles.


Understand the different smile patterns


When smiling, the corners of the mouth shift. The lips go upward and this is what creates the smile. The pattern of the smile will depend on the degree and angle in which the lips move when one smiles. L.R Rubin, a plastic surgeon in the 70s published a paper classifying smiles into three main types: commissure, cuspid and complex smiles. Let’s look at these in more detail below.


The commissure smile pattern


This smile pattern is said to be the most popular with a population of 67% displaying this type of smile. In this smile, both corners of the mouth are pulled up and outwards when one begins to smile and the upper lip contracts showing the upper teeth. This is considered a classic smile pattern which celebrities like Jennifer Aniston, Frank Sinatra and Audrey Hepburn have.


The cuspid smile


31% of the population is said to have the cuspid smile. When one smiles, the lips are shaped like a diamond. The corners of the mouth contract pulling the lips outward and upward. The smile is slightly gummy and some people find it awkward. Eminent personalities that are said to have this smile include Sharon Stone and Tiger Woods.


The complex smile


Only 2% of the population display this smile pattern. When one smiles, the lips appear as two parallel chevrons. The elevators of the upper lip and corners of the mouth as well as the depressors of the lower lip contract all at once when one smiles. This means that all the upper and lower teeth show concurrently when the person smiles. The lower lip is pulled downward and back. There are celebrities with a complex smile pattern and they include Marilyn Monroe and Julia Roberts.


Most people are able to employ all smile patterns. Often, the pattern of smile one will have is programmed by their daily habits or positioning of the jaw tissue. There are people who will begin their smile with the mouth closed whereas others will start with the mouth already apart. Some show a little gum with a modest and gradual smile.


The good thing is that, cosmetic dentistry procedures are available to alter the way you smile. If you are not confident in how your smile appears, consult a dentist to get a smile makeover.

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