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The Safety Of Dentistry Anesthesia

Anesthesia & Dentistry

Visiting a dentist Barrie regularly is great way to enhance good dental health. During the visits, the dentist will check for any issues and advise you on how to maintain your teeth in good condition. Those with teeth and gum problems will require dental procedures. This can be small procedures like teeth cleaning or intensive ones like surgery. The dentist is required to put you to sleep when performing any intensive procedure.


You may be given general anesthesia to prevent discomfort that is associated with the procedure. With anesthesia, aesthetic dentistry Barrie becomes more comfortable for the patient. It is given only when the practitioner feels that that is the best option to complete the treatment effectively. The dental surgeon will consult with you before making a decision to put you to sleep.


Being put to sleep at the dentist’s office is totally safe. While you are asleep, your heart rate and oxygen will be monitored throughout the process. This ensures that you do not develop any problems. Care is also taken to ensure administration of the right dosage of anesthesia. The medications used are easily processed by the body thus you will comfortable and recover easily.


Why it is necessary?

  • Some procedures especially in cosmetic dentistry Barrie require comfort for the results to be effective.
  • General anesthesia makes dental operations easier for patients who are extremely anxious. The patient can be put to sleep allowing the dentist to treat the issue before it progresses.
  • In some cases, the general anesthesia may be safer for the operation compared to local anesthesia.
  • It eliminates issues such as gag reflex. This is a great benefit because many patients are sensitive to the materials used in the procedure.
  • Reports show that patients who are put to sleep do not experience discomfort.
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General anesthesia for children


General anesthesia for children is a huge concern in pediatric dentistry. The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry recommends that practitioners undergo training on proper sedation, emergency and safety training before putting children to sleep for dental operations. In addition, one is required to obtain permits and licenses to administer general anesthesia to children.


If a dentist recommends anesthesia for you child consider the following:


  • Provide all the medical history, including allergies, previous illnesses, drug reactions, hospitalizations and current prescription drugs if any.
  • Inquire about feeding the child before the procedure. He or she may be required to fast for a few hours.
  • Ask the dentist about training he or she has received and the measures that are in place to ensure the safety of your child.
  • Ask how the child will be monitored before, during and after the procedure and when you go home.
  • On the day of the operation, ask someone else to drive you to the dentist so that you can keep full watch over your child.


Being put to sleep at a Barrie dentist’s office is safe. Patients love it because it helps avoid anxiety and discomfort. For dentists, it’s a good approach that ensures that the procedures they perform are safe and effective.

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