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4 Options for Bone Grafts

While dental implants are a popular option and far better solution to teeth loss than most alternatives, not all patients have sufficient bone volume for the procedure. Tooth loss largely leads to sizeable loss in the jaw bone structure. For a successful dental implant procedure, the dentist has to source for bone grafts elsewhere to use at the required spot. Cosmetic dentistry Barrie has advanced to allow the transfer of bone mass from several sources thus guaranteeing a successful dental implant procedure. Before bone grafting, the cosmetic dentist has to examine your jawbone and determine several aspects like the length, width and height. The dental implant has to rest on a solid and secure foundation.

There are four sources of bone needed for bone grafting:

Autograft bone

This refers to bone obtained from the patient’s own body. It is considered highly effective since it reduces the risks of tissue rejection and easily combines with the jawbone. The bone can be obtained from different body parts including the knee, hip, chin and even the patient’s jaw. It is usually a small amount of bone which once extracted is minimally shaped to match the target area and then grafted. It is an expensive option because it requires two separate surgeries; one for the extraction and the other for the grafting.

Allografts bone

In this method, the bone for grafting is obtained from human cadaver bone. The bone is typically freeze dried and sterilized for proper preservation and it is easily obtained from tissue banks across the country. It is frequently used in bone grafting procedures as it is regarded both safe and affordable to many patients in need of bone tissue.

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Xenografts bone

The most widely used bone for dental implant grafting purposes is xenografts bone or bovine bone. As the last name suggests it is obtained from animals typically cows. The advantage of using a cow’s bone is that it integrates surprisingly well with the human bone resulting in very few, if any complications. Tissue banks also like this type of bone because it is possible to extract larger amounts of bone with a specific microstructure as compared to human bone. The bone microstructure is very essential in bone growth and integration. Just like the allograft bone, xenografts are obtained from well screened, sterilized and freeze dried bones ensuring there’s no risk of contamination of infections.

Alloplastic grafts

This is a synthetic bone grafting material. It is a mineral bone alternative which has proved to fuse well with the human bone and can be used in place of other sources.

Each of these sources present their various advantages and disadvantages. Before settling on one option, your dentist will walk you through the various sources and that is after a thorough examination of your dental condition. You will then be advised on the best materials in terms of suitability to your condition, cost and your preference. The cost of the procedure may vary for each individual case because it is determined by the patient’s jawbone condition and the number of dental implants that will require grafting.

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J Cave
J Cave
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Nikki Stephens
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Kayla Lopez
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Cassandra Mckechnie
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Nadia Chalmers
19:04 30 Jan 18
Our daughter was 5 weeks old when she had a frenectomy done at Molson Park Dental and we couldn’t be happier with the experience and end results. The entire team was so friendly and did such a wonderful job keeping me at ease during the procedure. Also, our daughter started nursing 100 times better immediately after the procedure was done. We can’t thank you enough for allowing us to continue our breastfeeding journey pain free and allowing our daughter the ability to nurse efficiently :)
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