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Avoid These Foods If You Want Whiter Teeth

Path To A Brighter Smile

Foods and drinks are the main causes of teeth staining. And most of the foods that affect the whiteness of your teeth are essential for health and thus you can’t abandon them totally.


The balance between eating what you want and maintaining a healthy smile can be quite a hassle. When you take teeth staining foods, Barrie dentist recommends the following:


  • Brush and floss immediately
  • Milk and cheese taken after meals to neutralize the acid
  • Vegetables can create a film over teeth and wash away the dark color from teeth
  • Taking drinks using straws can help reduce teeth discoloration. Place the straw at the far end of your mouth so that teeth are not exposed to the drink.


If you are not in a position to do either of the above, then dentist Barrie recommends that you avoid the foods at that moment.


Fruit Juice

Fruit juice is healthy as it supplies one with energy, fluid and essential nutrients. However, it is high in acid and sugars which may be bad for your teeth.


Pasta Sauce

Pasta sauce may affect the color of your teeth because it is acidic and has a bright red hue. It also has the tendency to cling to teeth. It is well known for the tomato staining effect. If you must have pasta sauce, then consider having some green vegetables first to create a protective film on your teeth.



Blueberries, raspberries, blackberries and pomegranates all have a staining effect on teeth. They are among the biggest culprits in teeth staining as highlighted by aesthetic dentistry Barrie. As much as you are enjoying the taste, do not let berries stay in your mouth for long. This will only increase the staining effect. 

Avoid These Foods If You Want Whiter Teeth
Avoid These Foods If You Want Whiter Teeth

Wine and Vinegar

These are very beneficial especially because they contain many antioxidants. However, they are acidic and high amount of acid in the mouth is not good for the teeth. The dark color of the drinks can also stick to the teeth causing a staining effect. If you are using vinegar in salads, make sure that you add some lettuce. Lettuce will wash away the dark stains from your teeth.


Coffee and Tea

These cause stains due to their acidity. Even white tea can discolor your teeth. The same applies for white wine. The white wine is even more acidic than the red and thus can cause more discoloration to the teeth.



The dye used to give candies their color can cause teeth discoloration. They are also high in sugar which can harm your teeth.


Sports Drinks and Sodas

Sports drinks are packed with tons of sugar and acid. Both light and dark sodas are highly acidic and will not only discolor teeth but damage the enamel as well. The pigment in this drinks will find its way to the enamel and give your teeth a yellowish look. The yellow pigment is hard to fade away and you will have to consider cosmetic dentistry Barrie for a chemical treatment.

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