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Top Cosmetic Dental Procedures

Advances in cosmetic dentistry Barrie have made it possible for many dental patients to improve the functionality of their teeth and beauty of their smile. Cosmetic treatments can be simple procedures that you can do from home or complex ones that require the skills and expertise of an experienced cosmetic dentist. Whether you are having cosmetic treatment for health or personal reasons, you should seek help from a trained and reputable oral healthcare provider. Doing so helps you get the best treatment plan and it is also the best way to ensure that the procedure is safe.

Common cosmetic dental procedures include

Teeth whitening

Teeth whitening is the most common cosmetic procedure in most parts of the world. It is a popular practice in improving a dental patient’s smile. Teeth whitening can be done by use of home whitening kits or at the dentist’s office. If you are using a whitening kit, it is advisable to consult your dentist and go about the process under his or her supervision. A dentist will help you determine the best tooth whitening method and regularly examine your teeth to ensure that they are not harmed during the process. Whitening done at the dentist’s office can help you achieve your goals in one hour. Tooth whitening is a cosmetic dental procedure that improves your smile and gives you a younger and healthier appearance.

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Composite bonding

Composite bonding is a cosmetic procedure for patients with tooth decay, chipped and cracked teeth. For tooth decay, the dentist will use a drill to remove the decayed, soft and mushy material inside the tooth. A colored composite material is then applied on the tooth. A blue light is passed over the composite material to make it as hard as the natural tooth. The end result is a healthy and natural tooth.

Onlays and Inlays

Onlays and inlays are fillings that are not done directly. They are used when the tooth structure is not strong enough to provide support for regular filling.

The patient is first given temporary fillings as the onlay or inlay is being prepared in the laboratory. If the fillings are to be prepared in an offsite laboratory, the procedure might take up to two weeks to be completed. However, with advances in technology, dentists are now able to prepare the restorations and fit them in one day.


Implants are cosmetic dental options for patients with missing teeth. They are highly recommended for those who want to replace missing teeth but do not desire traditional dentures. One of their greatest advantages is that they look like natural teeth.

Dental veneers

Dental veneers are used to solve problems of spaces between teeth, broken and chipped teeth, stained fillings, poorly shaped teeth, stained teeth and broken teeth. Dental veneers can improve your smile considerably. They improve the appearance of the teeth but they don’t correct the problem of overbites and underbites or realign the jaw.

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Natalia Bradu
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Shamil Shamilov
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Yulia Rebarbar
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