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Getting Porcelain Veneers

What are the Steps to Getting Porcelain Veneers

There are 7 steps to getting porcelain veneers that a dentist must follow with a patient. Whether it is a single tooth or multiple treated simultaneously, the steps remain the same. Typically set across three or four different appointments, getting to know the steps to getting porcelain veneers provides an outline on what to expect throughout the process.

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Trimming The Tooth

The first part of any veneer procedure is to trim the enamel on the front side of the tooth in order to ensure that the veneer has an area where it can be placed. This makes it so that aesthetically, your teeth appear with the same thickness as the veneers are held in place.Anywhere from .5 to .7 millimetres of enamel will be trimmed away. A dentist may choose to trim more, as much as 1.5 millimetres, to either place a thicker veneer or to rid a tooth of decay.

Deciding Upon The Shade of Veneer

After the teeth have been trimmed, a dentist will use a shade guide to determine the shade of porcelain that most closely matches the teeth that lie to each side of the tooth that is being veneered. A dentist may choose different colours for different areas of the mouth, depending upon where in the mouth a veneer is to be located.

Taking The Impression

A dentist will then take an impression of your tooth as well as the surrounding gums and teeth. This impression will be the copy from which a veneer is made. To take an impression, a dentist will either apply putty over your teeth or may use a dental machine coupled with a camera to take an optical copy of your arrangement.

Placing The Temporary Veneer

Typically a patient may have to wait as long as 2 weeks for their veneers to be manufactured at a dental laboratory. Some dentists will recommend placing a temporary veneer in the interim depending upon the state of a patient’s teeth after they have been trimmed.

Completing A Pre-cementation Evaluation

The fifth step in the veneer application process is to remove the temporary veneer and begin the process of inputting the permanent porcelain veneers. A dentist will begin by checking the fit as the veneers sit on your teeth. Notes will be made if any edges need to be shortened or rounded. The colour will also be evaluated to ensure that it is a match with your associated teeth.


Time To Bond The Veneer!

After it has been established that the veneer is the right shape and colour, it will then be bonded into place. This is accomplished by first washing your teeth with an etching gel and then applying a clear bonding agent over your tooth’s trimmed enamel surface. Once a patient’s porcelain veneers have been positioned properly, a dentist will then use cured light to activate a catalyst in the bonding agent and ultimately allow the veneers to set permanently.


The last step is to scrape and floss away any of the debris that may be left over from the bonding process. A dentist may also choose to contour, trim or polish your restoration as needed. The final step is to evaluate your bite to ensure that it has not been altered in the veneer application process.

After these 7 steps to applying a veneer have been completed, most dentists will want to schedule a follow-up approximately one week later in order to ensure that a patient’s gums have responded well to the presence of the veneers, to ensure that a patient’s veneers are comfortable to wear, and to answer any inquiries at that time.

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