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Repairing of Chipped Tooth


The most common dental injury is a chipped tooth. This can be quite distressing if it happens on your front teeth. The best news is that you can get the problem fixed by a competent cosmetic dentist. The method used by the dentist will mainly depend on the seriousness of the chipping. You dentist will inform you the way forward after he evaluates the chip.

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What Can Cause A Chip?

There are so many things that can cause a chip. Falling and hitting your mouth is one of the main causes of chipped teeth. The issue can also be caused by biting on a hard object or food such as bone or hard candy. Suffering a trauma to the face from an accident or sports injury can also cause the teeth to chip. Another cause of chipped teeth is cavities. Cavities will weaken your teeth and predispose you to chipped tooth/teeth. But what is the next step once you get a chipped tooth?

The best way forward is to search for an experienced cosmetic dentist. Find a reputable dentist who will evaluate both the affected tooth and the other ones and then recommend one or several solutions. There are three common methods used to repair chipped teeth.

Porcelain Veneers

Porcelain veneers are basically thin pieces of porcelain which are made in a dental lab. They are made using molds of your teeth which are sent to the lab by your dentist. This is done to guarantee a proper fit. The porcelain resembles the appearance of your teeth. Once the veneers are made, your dentist will attach them to your chipped tooth using an adhesive material. The best thing about going for porcelain veneers Barrie is that they enhance the durability of the damaged tooth while at the same time offering added benefits such as the ability to withstand decay and stains.

Dental Bonding

Your cosmetic dentist can also recommend bonding as a solution for your chipped teeth. This is a method that relies on the application of composite resin (basically a plastic) on to the chipped tooth. The best thing about this option is that it is less expensive and faster to implement than veneers. The downside, on the other hand, is that it is not as durable as veneers. It is considered a temporary solution with crown or veneer being used later on.


How The Crown Differs From The Veneer?

This is the solution that your cosmetic dentist will recommend if there is not much tooth structure left to work with. In this procedure, a hollow tooth is usually placed over the broken one. The crown differs from the veneer in that it covers the whole tooth. The crowns are usually colored so as to match with the actual teeth.

Getting Your Smile Back

There is no need to put up with a chipped tooth. Modern technology has made it possible to fix the problem and restore your confidence by giving you your smile back. Only remember to pick a cosmetic dentist with great care. Not every dentist out there will have the skills, tools and the experience to fix your chipped tooth problem flawlessly.

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