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What To Do With Gaps?

Solutions Used To Fix Gaps Between Teeth

There are many people with teeth that are too small for the spaces they take up. This leads to unsightly gaps and spaces between the teeth. The condition is more common on the upper teeth and is usually more noticeable when on the 6 to 8 front teeth. If you have this problem, you should be happy to know that there is a solution. Cosmetic dentists use a number of methods to correct the situation. The main methods used include crowns, veneers, bonding and orthodontic.

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Porcelain dental veneers can also be used by a cosmetic dentist when working on small teeth. These are thin layers of porcelain which are usually molded based on the teeth of the patient. The veneers are made in a dental lab and then placed precisely on the target tooth. They are held in place using adhesive material. When done properly, they are undetectable to the human eye. The best thing about using porcelain veneers Barrie is that they also add strength to the whole tooth structure. It forms a seal around the tooth which keeps bacteria from getting in. What is more is that the porcelain veneers are life-like, they are durable and they require minimum tooth reduction.

Crowns and Bridges

Crowns and bridges are the most established and oldest cosmetic dental treatment options. When it comes to the fixing of mis-sized teeth, the procedure starts with the cutting down of the tooth and then covering the tooth entirely with a crown/cap. This becomes the only option when the target tooth is either badly damaged or decayed. This procedure can be used to correct the problem caused by very small teeth.


This is another solution that is used to improve the appearance of small teeth. It can be used to restore decayed teeth as well as to improve the appearance of teeth. The method uses a composite plastic resin which is applied by the dentist on the target teeth. With this procedure, the dentist will first remove the enamel of the tooth using phosphoric acid. This makes it easy for the composite resin to adhere to the tooth. The resin is applied then the tooth is exposed to high intensity light that hardens the resin and seals up the enamel. The resin is then polished and contoured.


What Will This Method Do?

The fourth method that can be used to improve the appearance of small teeth is orthodontics. This is the movement of teeth through the bone into idealized, healthier and aesthetic position. This method will fix the spaces between the teeth. The movement of the teeth is done using removable appliances, braces or invisalign.

Why Your Dentist Chooses A Certain Method?

These are the four main solutions that your cosmetic dentist will use to fix the spaces between teeth and also to improve the appearance of your teeth. The dentist may use only one method or combine several of them. Make sure you understand why your dentist chooses a certain method over the others. You also want to work with an experienced cosmetic dentist who has a great reputation.

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