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Porcelain Veneers

What are Porcelain Veneers Made of

Sometimes called dental veneers or dental porcelain laminates but widely known as ‘porcelain veneers’, these are among the least invasive restoration procedures that a dentist can perform. Many patients opt for dental veneers as they are an easy fix to a wide assortment of problems.

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Why Dentists Choose Porcelain Veneers?

Veneers can help to repair the colour of teeth including stains and general discolouration, bring teeth with gaps closer together, and can repair teeth that are worn down, chipped or broken, or that are misaligned, uneven, or irregularly shaped.

What porcelain veneers are made of is a very common question among first-time patients. The material itself is typically a porcelain or resin composite material. This material is encased in a thin design, customized with shells matching your teeth and addressing the problematic issues. The porcelain veneer is then installed on to cover the front surface of your teeth. The shells are then bonded to the front of the teeth, at which point, they can be used to manipulate colour, shape and size over time.

When choosing porcelain veneers or resin veneers, many dentists will choose porcelain veneers as the overall quality is better and porcelain ends up as a stronger, more durable material than resin. For example, resin veneers are generally thinner than porcelain, require only one appointment to process, and are used for more sensitive patients such as those who may have anxiety and/or who want to keep things simple.

The Benefits of Porcelain Veneers

The benefits of porcelain veneers however is why more dentists recommend porcelain over other materials. For example, porcelain tends to look more like real teeth because of the way that light is reflected off of them. If you are concerned about having to be in public with your veneers in your mouth, porcelain as a material can certainly ease your mind. Also, porcelain is more resistant to stains than resin and other materials. That said, porcelain does require a few more appointments in order to remove part of the tooth, make impressions, apply the porcelain veneers, and follow up to ensure that placement has been established.

If you are concerned about the material of what your veneers are made of, though this article recommends porcelain, it always makes sense to check with your dentist as it pertains to any concerns you may have. Generally speaking, porcelain is a highly effective, safe material that is strong and that will look as close to your natural teeth as what is possible using current technologies.

If you are thinking about getting porcelain veneers or would like to have a consultation, understand that it is typical to schedule at minimum four appointments in order to guarantee the most effective installation.


What Sort of Treatment Plan Will Be Incorporated Into Your Veneers?

The first appointment is a consultation to diagnose and decide on what sort of treatment plan will be incorporated into your veneers. The second appointment is typically to take the impressions of your teeth that will allow the dentist to order porcelain veneers that fit your teeth perfectly.

Undergoing A Procedure

The third appointment will be to apply the veneers and the fourth will happen within a few weeks as a follow-up to address any questions or concerns that you or your dentist may have.Through understanding what porcelain veneers are made of and how they will be placed, it can put a patient at ease knowing that they will be undergoing a very common and also very effective procedure.

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