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Dental Crowns Treatment

Are Dental Crowns The Right Treatment Option For You?

Do you want to find out if you are a good candidate for dental crowns? Cracks and chips on your teeth can quickly damage the look of your smile. Your teeth can crack or get damaged due to injuries or lifestyle choices that cause severe decay. If you visit your dentist, he/she may recommend having dental crowns. Before you agree to this procedure, it’s important to find out more about crowns.

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Why are dental crowns recommended?

Crowns are usually recommended as ideal restorations for different kinds of damaged teeth. For instance, a dental crown can help to cover a fractured or cracked tooth which has enough surrounding bond. The same crowns can be used to cover a tooth that has been significantly discolored. If you’ve had a dental implant done, a crown can also be used to provide more strength and a proper coverage. In some cases, they are recommended to secure a dental bridge in place or protect your tooth after you’ve had a root canal done. A dentist will help you to decide whether you are a good candidate for crowns depending on your case.

What are they made from?

Crowns can be made using different materials. The most commonly used materials to design crowns include porcelain, metals like gold and stainless steel, resin and porcelain fused to metal. The material that is used in making a crown will determine how natural it looks and how long it lasts. Porcelain is most commonly used because it is durable and can be made to mimic the exact look of existing teeth. Those that are made using materials like gold are usually for aesthetics and can cost a lot more than the common porcelain crowns. Ask your dentist to explain the pros and cons of the different materials used to design crowns.


Any Benefits of Having Crowns

This restorative procedure has one major benefit: to restore the full function of your tooth and ensure it is protected from further damage. In early years, fillings were used to cover a broken or chipped tooth. Crowns present a better restoration procedure because they can cover a tooth that has been extensively damaged and give its strength back. Furthermore, they last so much longer than dental fillings. With proper care, they can last for more than 15 years.

When To Get a Dental Crown?

Ultimately, your dentist will help you to decide whether a crown is the right solution for your problem. However, if you have a fractured tooth or you are dealing with significant discoloration, this can be a suitable restoration procedure to get back your beautiful smile. As you plan to have a crown, remember that it needs proper maintenance to look good and last for many years.

Most importantly, do not ignore dental issues like cracks, chips or fractures on the teeth. What appears to be a small fracture can quickly turn into extensive damage that puts the surrounding teeth at risk. You’ll spend less money and time on the restoration process if you have a dentist assess your situation immediately.

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At Chapnik Dental Office, we provide family dentistry services. Toronto and Barrie dentist, Dr. Adam Chapnick works with every child to build trust and comfort through the entire dental visit process.

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