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Covering Chipped And Damaged Teeth

How Dental Crowns Help To Cover Chipped And Damaged Teeth

Are you satisfied with the look of your teeth? Do you have chipped, fractured or weakened teeth that are a cause for concern? No need to cover your teeth whenever you smile because of cracks, chips or missing teeth. Consider having a restoration procedure that will give you the smile you desire. Dental crowns Toronto can be used to cover several imperfections like cracks and fractures on teeth. We’ll take a look at how these restorations work and help you make a more informed decision.

Are you looking for new teeth-in-a-day to transform your loose teeth or old dentures into a confidence-boosting smile? If so, Dr. Adam Chapnick, a renowned cosmetic dentist in Toronto, is here for you. We will make sure your self-esteem remains high as you improve your social connections. The immediately functional Toronto cosmetic dentistry we provide will get you talking, smiling, and laughing without any worries.

Why Are Dental Crowns Common?

Almost every dental clinic in Toronto performs procedures that involve the use of crowns. Perhaps the reason for the popularity of dental crowns is because they can be used to replace chipped or damaged teeth while maintaining a very natural looking smile. With dental crowns, no one will ever know you’ve had some work done. They are a tried and true method of restoring damaged teeth.

What Problems Can They Fix?

Dental crowns can be ideal for fixing a number of imperfections that hinder your oral health. For instance, placing a crown on a chipped or fractured tooth can help protect it against bacteria. If you have a weak tooth that has been damaged due to extensive decay, a crown can be used to strengthen and secure it. Crowns are also ideal to hide dental implants or securely hold a bridge in place. Sometimes a dentist may recommend the use of a crown to hide a tooth that has been discolored significantly. Crowns are a great alternative to tooth extraction.


How Do They Look?

A dental crown looks like a cap because it is used to cover a damaged tooth and hide imperfections. The crown can be made from different materials such as stainless steel and gold. However, the most commonly used dental crowns are made from porcelain and ceramic so that they look just like real teeth.

What Should You Expect During The First Visit?

During that first visit the dentist will start by determining if you are a good candidate for a dental crown . A physical exam will be done where the dentist will check the surrounding bone of the tooth to ensure that it is strong and healthy enough to hold the crown. If it has been exposed to significant decay, a root canal may be done first before the crown is placed. The tooth is then filed down so that there’s room for the crown to be placed on top.

Most importantly, during that first visit the dentist will make impressions of the tooth and send it to the laboratory where a mold is designed to match your existing teeth. You will leave the dentist office with a temporary crown then go back about two to three weeks later to have the fabricated crown fitted. The permanent crown that was fabricated in the lab will be fitted using cement and the procedure is done under local anesthesia to ensure you don’t feel any pain.

We are a Family Friendly Practice

At Chapnik Dental Office, we provide family dentistry services. Toronto and Barrie dentist, Dr. Adam Chapnick works with every child to build trust and comfort through the entire dental visit process.

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