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Benefits Of Dental Crowns

Health And Other Benefits Of Dental Crowns

Dental crown are very popular in cosmetic dentistry. They are used for missing, misshapen, severely discolored, and teeth that are too badly chipped, cracked or otherwise damaged. Their popularity is because, other than functional and aesthetic benefits, they also have health benefits.

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Health Benefits

  • You get improved oral health with a dental crown. This is because cracked, chipped, and otherwise damaged teeth and misshaped teeth leave space in the enamel that can harbor disease and decay-causing bacteria. Gum diseases are very expensive to treat and gums take a long time to heal. Without proper healing, gum diseases can cause serious infections that can even lead to death.

  • You will be able to chew better with a crown because it mimics your real teeth. This has both functional and health benefits since well-chewed food is easier to digest. With a missing, damaged, or misshaped tooth, there is tear and wear on the other teeth during chewing.

Aesthetic Benefits

  • Dental crowns restore your smile. The materials used to make them such as porcelain and porcelain fused with metal have the look and feel of real teeth. Nobody will ever know the difference.

  • A dental crown helps maintain your facial shape. You tend to look older when the shape of your face changes due to missing teeth.

  • Crowns also improve your psychological health. A bad smile can greatly dent your self-confidence. Positive self-esteem means better relationships and overall a more fulfilling life.


Why Crowns Are Better Than Dentures?

  • The materials used for dental crowns are stain resistant. Other than aesthetic benefits, this also improves their longevity. A good crown will last you between 5 and 15 years, depending on how well you take care of it (such as not exerting too much pressure on it and maintaining good oral hygiene).
  • Crowns are better than dentures because they do not slide and shift. They are either cemented over the damaged tooth or anchored in position with a dental bridge in case of a missing tooth. This means there will be no embarrassing moments of shifting teeth.
  • A missing tooth makes it difficult to pronounce some words. You are better able to speak with a crown.

Are You A Candidate For Dental Crown?

  • When a dental crown is used to cover a decayed or damaged tooth, it serves to protect it from further decay or damage. In damaged or misshaped and damaged teeth, crowns act as a shield, preventing plaque build-up and more decay.
  • You should go for a crown if you do not want the pain and discomfort associated with full or partial dentures. Full and partial dentures sit on top of gums and jawbone and can shift around the mouth, making them uncomfortable. Crowns are very stable and do not irritate the gum.
  • By filling the gap left by a missing, partial, or misshaped tooth, a dental crown prevents the other teeth from shifting position. A shift in position can lead to quicker deterioration of your natural teeth.
  • When a dental crown takes the place of a missing tooth, cleaning your teeth is easier.

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