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The wide variety of beverages available for consumption every day allows for great diversity in taste, but many of them have one thing in common: staining your teeth. The more you drink beverages with chromogens (compounds containing enamel-clinging pigments), tannins (plant-based compounds), and acids (that make enamel softer and rougher and more susceptible to stains), the darker and duller your smile can become. Avoid, drink in moderation, or alter your method of drinking the worst offenders:

  • Coffee: high in chromogens and acids (adding dairy milk can help reduce staining!)
  • Tea: high in tannins and acids
  • Wine, both red and white: high in all three compounds
  • Sodas and sports drinks: acidic and contain chromogens
  • Juices: high in tannins

You don’t have to eliminate these beverages from your diet, but you can alter the frequency of intake and the method. Instead of a daily cup of tea in the morning, switch to every other morning or just on certain days. Use a straw that will bypass your teeth and deliver your favorite beverage farther into your mouth. After your morning coffee, brush your teeth or swirl water in your mouth. And, keep your regular dental appointments for cleanings to fight stains and discolorations, as well as tooth decay.

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