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Brushing your teeth is a basic and easy way to keep your teeth clean and healthy, while at the same time preventing gum disease and tooth loss. If you’re a daily brusher, you know that at times brushing can become tiresome and routine to the point where you may be overlooking some of the fundamentals of brushing your teeth. In order to optimize your brushing, keep the following tips in mind:

  • Choose a soft-bristled toothbrush over hard bristles to prevent enamel erosion
  • Brush for least two minutes, two to three times a day. Brushing more than three times a day can irritate the enamel on your teeth. Choose a two-minute song to brush along with or try an electric toothbrush that has a two-minute timer
  • Brush in small, circular motions or short up-and-down strokes, not long horizontal strokes. Brush gently around your gums to avoid injuring them
  • Floss once a day and remember to brush your tongue to combat bad breath

If you follow these tips and keep your regular dental appointments, you’ve got a great head start on your dental hygiene and health. You can assist your teeth brushing by also using an antibacterial mouthwash. The size and shape of your toothbrush will also determine how well you’re brushing; choose one that fits your mouth’s shape and isn’t too big or too small. You want to be sure you get all of your teeth’s surfaces each time you brush.

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