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Dental bonding is a very effective way to address functional issues such as large cavities, small gaps, and chips and cracks. It can also serve a number of cosmetic purposes by optimizing the shape and size of teeth and covering severe discoloration. With proper care, dental bonding should last for a number of years.

If you have questions about tooth bonding in Barrie or surrounding areas of Ontario, please call Dr. Adam Chapnick at (705) 722-4848 today to schedule an appointment.

The best way to avoid scratching or otherwise damaging your tooth bonding is by:

  • Using a soft bristled toothbrush
  • Avoiding toothpaste with abrasive ingredients
  • Not biting hard candy or ice
  • Not chewing on pens and other non-food items

Fortunately, the process for placing dental bonding on teeth is relatively simple and does not require much preparation. During your routinely scheduled cleanings and examinations Dr. Chapnick will inspect your bonding for signs of damage and provide additional applications as needed.

If you live in the Barrie, Ontario area and are looking for a dentist who can meet all of your functional and cosmetic needs, please contact Molson Park Dental Office today to schedule an appointment with Dr. Chapnick.



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