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Children Dentist

Instilling the concepts of good dental habits at an early age can go a long way toward helping your child keep his or her teeth healthy for a lifetime. Just as childhood immunizations and wellness check-ups are important to your child’s health, frequent dental visits starting as early as one year of age (or when your baby’s first tooth grows in) are equally as important to his/her dental and overall health.

At Molson Park Dental Office, we provide family dentistry services with a focus on pediatric dentistry to cater to this specialized segment of clients. Toronto and Barrie dentist, Dr. Adam Chapnick works with every child to build trust and comfort through the entire dental visit process. We understand that it may take several visits for your child to be completely relaxed in a dental office, especially if he or she has had a negative dental experience in the past.

Our entire Toronto and Barrie dental teams are compassionate, so feel free to book your child’s appointments with us and know that our experience in pediatric dentistry will ensure that your child is at ease.


Methods of Promoting Dental Visits to Children

There are many children’s books about pediatric dentistry, focusing on the importance of visiting a dentist and how a dentist keeps teeth and gums healthy. It may be helpful to periodically check some of these books out from your local library to read to your child. Be careful not to make your child too anxious by reading them right before a scheduled visit, but rather work them occasionally to instil these ideas.

Our Toronto and Barrie dental teams are always happy to meet your children prior to a dental appointment to show them around the office and introduce them to Dr. Chapnick. When they see how inviting our office is, and the techniques we use to keep their minds occupied ‒ iPads and iPods, they may be more likely to look forward to their own dental visit.

Pediatric dentistry
Pediatric dentistry

Advice for Children’s Dental Visits

We want your child’s dental visits to be a positive experience. There are certain tips that you may wish to consider before bringing your child to our dental office in Barrie or Toronto:

  • Choose an appointment time that works well with your child’s energy level. Afternoon appointments can be tricky for some children
  • Unless your child is ill, do not cancel a scheduled appointment. Our team may be able to calm your child’s apprehension when you arrive
  • Try not to use bribery to get your child to the dentist
  • Avoid threatening or punishing your child if the dental visit does not go as smoothly as you had planned
  • Refrain from sharing your own negative dental experiences or fears to your child.

The dental needs of a child are specific and so are their emotional needs as well. At Dr. Chapnick’s pediatric dentistry clinic your children will feel and will learn good habits that will lead to healthy dental hygiene that will lead them throughout their lives.  A pediatric dentist with experience and compassion will build trust and confidence with young patients and will educate parents to always achieve the best results for their children. Welcome to our clinic and thank you for choosing us as your pediatric dentist.


Your child’s health and overall wellbeing is very important to us and we provide services to offer your child the best in pediatric dentistry including:


  • Dental examinations
  • Cleanings
  • Fillings
  • Extractions
  • Sealants
  • Experience with numerous dental issues specific to children
  • A variety of sedation options for children that need special care and support.
child at dentist
happy kid at pediatric dentist

Our family-centred environment will create positive experiences that will help your child to view his or her dentist as a place that helps to prevent problems, not correct them. Just as checkups with the doctor and immunizations are important for children, so is starting your child out on the path to good dental health. If your child is nervous about visiting the dentist we will happily show him or her around the office, even before an appointment is booked. Your child’s comfort and confidence in us is of utmost importance. We also use iPads and iPods to keep children distracted during their appointment, and many of our young patients look forward to their visit at our clinic.


Our Toronto and Barrie dental teams are positive, supportive and compassionate, so feel free to book your child’s appointments with us and know that our experience in pediatric dentistry will ensure that your child is at ease, at all times.

Natalia Bradu
Natalia Bradu
14:55 26 Apr 17
I would like to highly recommend dr Adam to anyone who's looking for a professional and cost effective dental implants expert. Great staff, very easy going process. Thank you again
Shamil Shamilov
Shamil Shamilov
13:11 26 Apr 17
Great experience! I always enjoy my visits here. Staff is friendly and service is above all expectations. Highly recommended!
Yulia Rebarbar
Yulia Rebarbar
13:13 26 Apr 17
My mom got 2 dental implants at this dental clinic and she is very happy with the results. The price was reasonable and the service was outstanding.
Andrew B
Andrew B
13:31 26 Apr 17
I can say nothing but Thank you to Adam Chapnik and his team. Very professional and friendly team and each appointment was pleasant and easy.
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