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For more than 20 years now, Dr. Adam Chapnick has been providing remarkable dental care services to patients in Toronto. If what you have been looking for is an experienced dentist that can provide a wide range of general dentistry and top cosmetic dentistry services, Dr. Chapnick is the person you should contact. He is an experienced dentist with an outstanding team ready to take on any dental problem in Toronto, Canada. If what you want is a beautiful and healthy smile, it’s time to make an appointment with Dr. Adam Chapnick. His skills and expertise in the field make him the perfect fit for your oral care needs. No matter the current state of your oral health. Dr. Chapnick is ready to give you the smile you’ve always wanted. He performs anything from simple root canals to complex dental procedures. Over the years, Dr. Chapnick has dedicated his life to transforming the lives of his clients and patients one smile at a time. He has treated clients from all over the world coming with several issues and concerns and achieved great results each time. Since he achieved his degree, Dr. Chapnick has gained a wealth of experience in cosmetic and general dental procedures. Clients come to him each with a unique and sometimes complex case, and he always takes time to analyze the situation and deliver excellent results no matter what. Among the reasons why clients love his clinic is the comfortable atmosphere, passionate and friendly staff and the facilities needed to ensure every dental experience goes as smooth as possible. If you live in midtown Toronto or North York and looking for “cosmetic dentist near me” , you deserve the top, Dr. Adam Chapnick is at your service.



Cosmetic Dentistry Procedures in Toronto


Healthy teeth can still look imperfect. They can cause you to conceal your smile and make you feel ashamed of your teeth. If you cannot smile with confidence, Dr. Adam Chapnick can help improve your smile with dental bonding. This is a technique used to correct the physical appearance of your teeth. It can be used to correct cracked or chipped teeth, fractured or broken teeth, crooked teeth, discolored or stained teeth and misaligned teeth

Tooth bonding can be used to alter the appearance of your teeth with just a single office visit. Contact Dr. Chapnick today and leverage on his artistic abilities.


Special events such as reunions and weddings increase the interest of teeth whitening. We understand you want to look your best at social events with dazzling white teeth. Dr. Chapnick and his team offer professional teeth whitening treatment for maximum and uniform whiteness using a system that is perfect for you. Our expert teeth cleaning services will give you a whiter smile in just 90 minutes. The procedure involves the careful application of a bleaching gel and the shining of the plasma arc light to achieve the desired whiteness. During the procedure, you can watch your favorite movie or listen to your choice of music.

If you want whiter teeth, contact Dr. Chapnick today. He is the leading aesthetic dentist Toronto. Professional at home whitening systems are also available.


A smile make over can cause people to view you in a different light. Dr. Chapnick will improve your smile using one or a combination of cosmetic dental procedures. All this is done while fixing oral health. A full dental examination is done before recommending a cosmetic procedure.
Creating a bright smile with Dr. Chapnick is a collaborative process. You will be asked about the problem areas and if you have specific procedures you would want. Dr. Chapnick will present you with pros and cons of each option and give you his recommendations. Smile makeovers often involve a single procedure to achieve the desired appearance. Make an appointment with Dr. Chapnick today.


Porcelain veneers are tools for perfecting your smile quickly and effectively. These are thin covers that are bonded to the front of your teeth to improve color and shape. Dr. Chapnick recommends the use of Empress Porcelain Veneers thanks to a 90% client satisfaction. The remaining 10% of his clients opt for Lumineers which are thinner than Empress Veneers. Porcelain veneers can help correct the problems like uneven teeth size, gaps between the front teeth, mismatched shapes, slight crookedness,tooth staining that doesn’t respond to whitening

Porcelain veneers will give you a stunning smile make over. Give Dr. Chapnick a call for a customized dental procedure.


Dental implants are highly effective and permanent solutions for missing teeth. The implants are artificial tooth roots that are positioned in your jawbone to fill the position left by a missing tooth. They help complete your smile. Unlike dental bridges that cause alignment problems with time, dental implants prevent misalignment. Dr. Chapnick is experienced and skilled at dental implants. Contact him today for a full dental evaluation and remarkable services in dental implants.
Getting a bright smile is within reach. You only need to find a qualified dentist for cosmetic dentistry. Dr. Chapnick will not just fix the visible problems but also ensure you have good dental health. Make an appointment today.


A broken or chipped tooth can be caused by many things including biting into a hard object. Broken or chipped teeth can be major dental emergencies. Speaking with a dentist immediately can help reduce damage to your mouth and also increase chances of successful repairs. In most cases, the dentist will be able to fix a broken or chipped tooth. The restoration of a cracked or chipped tooth can include the use of dental bonding, crowns or veneers. Using any of these methods, a cosmetic dentist will be able to restore your tooth to the original appearance.
Tooth cap can be used to fix minor damages whereas major damages can be fixed with dental on-lays or dental inlays. There is absolutely no reason for you to panic in case of a chipped or broken tooth. The first step is to get an assessment by a dentist. A treatment option will be recommended. We have assisted patients with cracked, broken and chipped teeth in Toronto. Please contact us to discuss your options.


Dr. Adam Chapnick has been a certified dentist with the RCDSO for the past 22 years. He has had the pleasure of treating guests from all over the world. During this time he has performed a vast amount of procedures ranging from simple restorative to more complex smile makeover cases.


Taking pride in each procedure he is presented with, it is ensured that any case Dr. Chapnick works on is completed to perfection. This is a standard that he withholds for not only himself, but any laboratory that he utilizes for treatment as well.


Dr. Chapnick has been a part of the Toronto Implant Study Club, where all aspects of dental implant related treatment is discussed. He has been invited by numerous dental implant companies to attend international symposium. This is where the most up-to-date research on implant dentistry is brought forward and discussed by numerous experts around the world.


Over the years Dr. Chapnick has attended various continuing education courses across the globe to be at the forefront of the dental field. Always utilizing this knowledge to train his staff and be able to provide an exceptional quality of care for our guests.



Dr. Adam Chapnick has been a certified dentist with the RCDSO for the past 22 years. He has had the pleasure of treating guests from all over the world. During this time he has performed a vast amount of procedures ranging from simple restorative to more complex smile makeover cases.



Taking pride in each procedure he is presented with, it is ensured that any case Dr. Chapnick works on is completed to perfection. This is a standard that he withholds for not only himself, but any laboratory that he utilizes for treatment as well.




He has been a member of Toronto Implant Study Club, discussing all aspects of dental implant-related treatment. He was invited by the 3I dental implant companies to attend their international symposium where the most up-to-date research on implant dentistry is presented and discussed by the foremost experts in the world.



Over the years Dr. Chapnick has attended various continuing education courses across the globe to be at the forefront of the dental field. Always utilizing this knowledge to train his staff and be able to provide an exceptional quality of care for our guests.




It is gaining lots of popularity across the globe. It is a minimally invasive procedure that can produce remarkable results in improving your smile. While certain dental procedures worked for your friend, you may need a different treatment. Dr. Chapnick will examine your condition and recommend the right options for you while outlining the pros and cons of each available dental procedure. Most of the procedures offered in cosmetic dentistry Toronto by Dr. Chapnick can be completed with just one office visit so you leave with a lovely smile.

Cosmetic Dentistry Procedures

Many dental problems can be fixed with cosmetic dentistry procedures.

YYou will be amazed by the changes that can be done to the shape, size, and color and positioning of your teeth and the impact they will have on the appearance of your face and smile. Aesthetic cosmetic dentistry includes dental rehabilitation, whitening discolored teeth, replacing missing teeth, correcting bad dental work, restoring tooth decay and fixing cracked, chipped and broken teeth.

Cosmetic dentistry ranges from correcting minor tooth problems to giving you a smile make over Toronto. If something has been affecting your smile, cosmetic dentistry Toronto will help you feel comfortable showing off your beautiful smile. Start by booking a dental consultation with Dr. Adam Chapnick.










We are a Family Friendly Practice

At Molson Park Dental Office, we provide family dentistry services. Toronto and Barrie dentist, Dr. Adam Chapnick works with every child to build trust and comfort through the entire dental visit process.

Dr. Adam Chapnick

has been working with clients and patients from around the globe for years, performing anything from simple root canals to precarious and complex porcelain veneers.

SSince he achieved his degree he has worked with hundreds of clients all with a variety of issues and concerns; and over these past years he has learned to deliver excellent results no matter the operation or procedure.

Dr. Chapnick has gained a lot of experience in general and cosmetic dentistry. He has worked with hundreds of clients each with their own unique and complex case. But by taking the time to thoroughly analyze each patient he is able to deliver an exceptional cosmetic dentist service.

One of the main focuses of our clinic is to create a comfortable environment for oral and dental care. Whether it’s the informative pamphlets or our knowledgable and passionate staff, everything at Molson Park dental is designed to ensure your dental procedure and experience goes as smooth and flawless as possible..

Meet Dr. Adam Chapnick

Book Today for your Free Consultation

Meet Dr. Adam Chapnick

Book Today for your Free Consultation

We understand that a dental procedure may seem like a huge undertaking, but our staff at Molson Park Dental will make sure to do anything and everything they can to ensure you’re experience is as simple and headache free as possible.

If you have any questions or some more information, please feel free to give us a call at (705) 722-4848 or (647)504-4407 and one of our excellent customer service representatives would be more than happy to assist you and answer any questions you may have.

Customer satisfaction has always been a major focal point of Dr. Chapnick’s practice, it’s important that every patient, no matter the procedure, timeline or budget has not only had their expectations met; but exceeded. It’s this unique and personalized approach that has allowed Dr. Chapnick to earn trust from his patients in Barrie as well as in Toronto.

Whether you’re looking for a beautiful smile and cosmetic dentistry or a simple tooth whitening procedure; you can rest assured that the staff at Molson Park Dental will deliver good results.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will my insurance cover my cosmetic dentistry costs?

Coverage on dental procedures will depend on the type of insurance that you have. Most insurance companies don’t cover cosmetic dentistry. Some will cover certain procedures that are considered restorative like dental implants. Reading the fine print of your insurance coverage will not be enough.

To be certain of what will be covered and what will not, we highly recommend that you contact your insurance company and ask about the specific procedures that you want.

If the procedure is not covered, you will be forced to pay from your pocket or simply hold back on the procedure and get another insurance cover.

Can I be sedated during a cosmetic dentistry procedure?

We understand that dental procedures can be discomforting and can cause some level of trauma to some patients. Some patients prefer to be sedated during the procedure.

This is why with the more complex procedures we recommend sedation. There are certain cosmetic dentistry procedures that require sedation.

We will let you know upfront if sedation will be needed. It is good to note that the decision on whether to sedate or not to sedate will depend on a range of factors which include your overall health during the treatment and your medical history. How complex the procedure is will also determine if sedation will be needed.

If I am missing teeth, what is the best cosmetic dentistry procedure for me?

The right cosmetic dentistry procedure will depend on your unique situation. There are four options available to restore missing teeth:

  • Bridges: This is an inexpensive procedure for replacing missing teeth located next to one another. It doesn’t work for a whole row of missing teeth.
  • Dentures: This is an affordable way of replacing missing teeth. You don’t have to have missing teeth located next to one another. It can be used to replace an entire row of missing teeth.
  • Dental implants: This is more expensive. The procedure replaces teeth surgically by implanting artificial teeth in the jawbone.
  • Denture implant: The treatment is the best alternative to dentures. Titanium roots will be implanted in your jawbone and then fixed dentures will be attached on them.

Will teeth whitening work if my teeth are severely discolored?

Teeth whitening is the best and fastest way to restore a smile. However, if your teeth are severely discolored, teeth whitening might not give you the best results.

Standard teeth whitening procedures will remove the discoloration but will not leave your teeth as bright as you would want them to be. In this case, there are several other options that you can use to whiten teeth.

Some of the best procedures are composite bonding and porcelain veneers. When you visit us our dentist will evaluate your condition and recommend the best whitening procedure for you. We will explain the pros and cons of each option to help you make the best choice.

Does teeth whitening have any side effects associated with it?

Teeth whitening involves the use of chemicals to remove teeth discoloration. The use of chemicals brings concern on whether it has side effects. Our dentists have the experience in teeth whitening and take the necessary measures to guarantee the bleaching agents used never end up damaging your teeth or the gum tissue.

We ensure that you end up with a comfortable teeth whitening experience that gives you the broad smile you have always wanted.

All in all, it is expected that after the teeth whitening procedure you will experience some level of teeth sensitivity. This is the only side effect you can expect and the good news is that it only lasts a short period of time.

Are children and teenagers candidates for cosmetic dentistry?

Yes, children can be candidates for cosmetic dentistry. It is, however, good to note that they cannot be candidates for all procedures. The reason for this is because their teeth are still growing and their jawbone has not grown completely.

It is for this reason that children and teenagers are not suitable candidates for procedures like dental implants. To know which cosmetic procedure your child is a candidate for we recommend that you contact us today.

Our dentist will assess the unique situation of your child and offer the best solution. Don’t let your child be the focus of bullies because of the shape or size of their teeth. We are here to offer the best solution.

Can smokers undergo a cosmetic dentistry procedure?

Although smokers are candidates for cosmetic dentistry, special considerations have to be given before selecting a cosmetic dentistry procedure. This is so because smoking deteriorates oral health significantly through such conditions as bone structure loss, oral cancer, periodontal disease, and other conditions.

These conditions cause major damages to the bone structures and the gums thus making it hard to conduct a successful cosmetic dentistry procedure.

Most cosmetic dentistry procedures require a patient to have a healthy jawbone. For example, if you don’t have a healthy jawbone you will not get dental implants. This is because osseointegration will not occur between the implant and the jawbone if the jawbone is not healthy.

Who is a good candidate for cosmetic dentistry?

Anybody can undergo any type of cosmetic dentistry. It is a personal choice. There are, however, some limits to what you can get from the procedure depending on your lifestyle habits, overall health, and age.

Cosmetic dentistry is ideal for persons who want to improve their smile. Our dentist will help you determine the best procedure that will help attain the results that you need. We will assess your health conditions to determine if you are suitable for the recommended treatment.

Simply put, if you are self-conscious about your smile or the appearance of your teeth, cosmetic dentistry is a treatment you should consider to improve these qualities.

Our Client Reviews

Professional and skilled

Very pleased with the corrective results….a little over a year ago I had a dramatic change in my bite, I was unable to fully open my mouth and was chewing mostly on one side. Dr. Chapnick’s expertise and latest technology completely solved my issue. The staff are all very friendly and willing to answer any questions or concerns. Patient education is also important to this practise, and I feel my oral health in general has improved greatly since joining this office. Abby (the hygienist) has set me on a path of better care. Her knowledge in the relation of oral care and general health issues is impressive, and she happily shares the information. I would highly recommend this dental office. Laurie M.

Prompt & professional as usuall..

Another great visit this week., Dr. Chapnick & Staff have been looking after my family for 20 years. We should be sending our 3 year old granddaughter soon. Always predictable, courteous & professional service is standard treatment. Thanks Anika for thorough work & thoughtful tips this visit. See you in December! Brian A.

Once again, another positive experience here.

Have you ever heard of anyone getting excited about going to the dentist? No? Me either! BUT, the experience here is always positive. Each time I go to my appointment, I’m thankful that I arrive relaxed and I leave relaxed. (This was not the case with previous dental offices.) Today I was in for a cleaning, the hygienist was professional, friendly, courteous and very quick to ensure I was relaxed and at ease. Thanks again, top notch and second to none. Deb R.

Big Team, Big Game, Big Fun!!

Once again the Molson Park Dental team have Wow’d me with their excellence in Customer and Dental Care! From start to finish I was treated like a King and allowed to pass on to my subjects a series of humorous thoughts as a Post was installed seamlessly into my upper jawbone. Dr. Chapnick has incredible skills in dentistry and carries an equally amazing skill in selecting the most beautiful, capable staff members on his team. Let’s just say the scenery on each journey to the Molson Park Dentistry office is breathtaking and there is never a dull moment to be had. Thanks to all and I look forward to the final installation of my New Implant this fall. Until then, I’ll man my Post!! 🙂 Dave Laurie M.

Google Reviews

Peter Fry
Peter Fry
12:19 03 Dec 21
The staff and dentist showed amazing attentive care to my Father Peter who has severe Alzheimer's and made the visit as... seamless as one could hope for. Even doing a filling immediately so that I didn't have to attempt a return visit with my father at a later date which would be upsetting for him. Thank You so much we truly appreciate your time and work.read more
16:29 11 Nov 21
I've been going to Molson Park Dental for at least 7 years now. The staff has always been friendly and accommodating.... The person I see the most is Abby as my dental hygienist. She has such a pleasant way about her!read more
Julie Trepanier
Julie Trepanier
22:03 14 Oct 21
I've been going to Molson Park Dental office for almost 20 years now and I can say that Dr. Chapnick and his staff are... the friendliest, most caring and best dental specialists ever! Thank you again to Dr. May and her team for the time and effort spent in order to give me back my smile. The bioclear treatment she performs has closed the gaps between my teeth, making them look like veneers without costing a fortune. I love the amazing transformation and I'll be back soon. Thank you so much.read more
Christina Wilson
Christina Wilson
14:12 24 Sep 21
Fabulous doctors, hygienist are extremely knowledgeable and friendly. They work with you for the best overall... experience and make a plan to work towards a better experience rather than just being reactive to problems.read more
Angela Greavette
Angela Greavette
14:30 13 Aug 21
I have been going to Molson Park Dental for about 20 years. I wholeheartedly value and trust their expertise and... professionalism. I always feel welcomed and at ease when I go for my appointments, right from the moment I step into the office and leave. All of the dental hygienists are excellent and easy to talk to. Abby has been my dental hygienist for a few years now who I highly recommend. She is absolutely wonderful, professional and very thorough. Great team!read more
Catherine Kenwell
Catherine Kenwell
14:17 15 Jul 21
Professional, welcoming, perfect restorative work. Dr. Chapnick explains everything as he works...he walks me through... what I might feel before he proceeds (which I appreciate!). I've had extensive work done and I trust the entire staff with my beautiful chompers!read more
nancy arcand
nancy arcand
14:22 08 Jul 21
Had a very thorough assessment of my denture needs including discussion of options short and long-term. Dr. Chapnick... was very straightforward, careful to give me all the options, and was clear and patient when discussing pros and cons. I felt I was in the hands of an expert. The staff could not have been more hospitable. I felt liked and well treated. A first class experience.read more
Alexandria Babicki
Alexandria Babicki
14:47 06 May 21
The best dental service I have received! The team is very welcoming. The environment is relaxing and clean. Dr. Turner... is very patient, kind, and upbeat! She really took the time to reassure and thoroughly explain things to me as I was nervous getting a couple of fillings.You can tell she takes a lot of pride in what she does. I felt so comfortable, they even ask you what music you’d like to listen to during the appointment. I look forward to my next visit and following through with my dental plan. Thanks for such a great first experience.Overall highly recommend!read more
Jennifer Wingrove-Jones
Jennifer Wingrove-Jones
15:43 22 Apr 21
I’ve had nothing but good experiences since I’ve started to come to this dental office over the last 3 years. The... office staff are great and very friendly. The dental hygienists and dentists are wonderful, do a great job, and are also very nice. Even my 12 year old son loves them!read more
Erin Brennan
Erin Brennan
17:47 01 Mar 21
Molson Park Dental has been my dentist for a few years now. They are wonderful, very friendly and professional. Abby... is a wonderful hygienist, Sarah at front desk is always kind and Dr. Turner is the best (my daughter hates anything medical and she was so kind and patient with her)read more
gianni colella
gianni colella
16:53 04 Feb 21
Very professional personal and love going there feel like very welcome and they do a great job of maintaining my teeth... I definitely recommend to my friends family.read more
Ashley Gies
Ashley Gies
01:46 30 Dec 20
I work in the dental field but wanted to get work done with a cosmetic dentist as previous dentists I worked for didn't... do a great job on my front teeth. Dr. Chapnick was amazing - he gave me a variety of options from most ideal to least ideal and worked with whatever I wanted. He was also very friendly and warm (I was nervous). He did a fantastic job and gave me exactly what I hoped for. Staff is also amazing! 10/10 recommend.read more
Kanwal Dua
Kanwal Dua
17:48 24 Nov 20
Wonderful staff (front desk, coordinator, and the doctor). They will go beyond to answer any of your questions and... concerns, and will work best with you. Dr. Adam himself is very professional and knowledgeable. He talks to the point and make you feel at ease. They all are doing great job. The hygienist is one of the sweetest persons I have met. !!!Love and laughter!!! read more
Aaron Sickle
Aaron Sickle
16:01 21 Oct 20
We have been coming here for years! We love the service and the staff are the greatest!They do an amazing job with... covid protocols!read more
Mike Mike
Mike Mike
17:19 08 Oct 20
We came here for a second opinion about having a dental implant. We were very happy that Dr Chapnick took the time to... explain everything involved in the procedure. His team of assistants and associates were awesome to deal with. You’ll now have three new patients coming to your office for treatment and cleaning. Thank you and look forward to meeting everyone at the office.Thank you for putting us at ease.read more
Bernice Koziol
Bernice Koziol
14:27 08 Oct 20
Staff are awesome, make you feel like family. Very profession and respectful of you and the anxiety you may suffer.... Explain everything they will do, always ask if you have any questions or concerns. Allow you to make the decision after you get all the facts. Hygienists are so so gentle. Dr. Chapnik and Dr Turner are wonderful. They make you feel at ease. I highly highly recommend Molson Park Dental office and I laugh at myself because I would never have done that until I started going here! Keep doing what you are doing guys!!!👍👍👍👍👍👍👍read more
David Chapman
David Chapman
14:26 30 Sep 20
I was back to Molson Park Dental for a cleaning and general checkup recently. The greeting by Sarah was warm and... welcoming as always. Since I hadn't been there for many months the cleaning process was a lot of work for Monique. I was very impressed with her positive attitude and encouragement and she made the whole experience delightful.Dr. Turner also did a check up and was very cheerful and positive. Thanks to the whole team for making the whole experience a pleasant one.read more
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