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Losing Baby Teeth Early

Is my Child Losing Baby Teeth Too Early

One of the most common concerns that parents ask their pediatric dentist about is whether their child’s baby teeth are falling out too soon, or not soon enough. Children begin to lose their baby teeth at different ages and there is a wide range of what is considered healthy. The following will help to determine if your child is losing teeth within a normal and healthy range.

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When do Kids Start Losing Baby Teeth?

On average, your child will begin to lose baby teeth around the age of six years old, and this process can take up to six years. However, some children begin to lose their baby teeth a bit later, at around seven years old, or even earlier as young as four. Generally speaking, the earlier your child’s baby teeth started to come in, the earlier they will fall out. They will even usually fall out in the same order that they erupted. Your pediatric dentist may be keeping record of when baby teeth erupted, or you can do this yourself. This will offer some insight when the baby teeth start to fall out and will give an idea of what tooth will fall out next. The sequence of tooth loss can be considered even more important than the age in which they fall out. The typical pattern is: the front two bottom teeth, then the top front ones, followed by lateral incisors, first molars, canines and second molars.

Potential Issues when your Child Loses Baby Teeth

Sometimes parents are concerned not so much about the age of losing baby teeth but the issues that may arise from the process, especially if they had dental problems at a young age themselves.


Crowding is an issue that is sometimes caused by baby teeth falling out too early. Baby teeth hold space for adult teeth. If they fall out too late, adult teeth may come in crooked. Pulling out baby teeth will not solve this issue so an orthodontist will need to be recommended if adult teeth are growing in crooked or crowded. The other crowding issue is a row of baby and adult teeth present at the same time. This occurs when baby teeth do not fall out before adult teeth erupt. This is usually temporary and corrects itself with time.


What Causes Baby’s Tooth Loss?

If a child begins to lose baby teeth well before adult teeth are ready to erupt this could be caused by an accident or decay. A spacer or space maintainer may need to be placed in the child’s mouth to preserve space and prevent future crowding issues. If your child has lost a baby tooth before the age of 4 years old, contact your pediatric dentist.

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Children will lose baby teeth within a range of ages. As long as the sequencing is more or less correct and the child is not losing teeth too early, it is likely healthy. Discuss any concerns with a pediatric dentist at the Chapnick Dental Office on your next visit.

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