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Preparing your Child for a Filling

How to Prepare your Child for a First Filling

No parent wants to hear that their child requires a filling and may even feel guilty or feel they have done something wrong. Typically, parents are doing the best job they can but whether a cavity is caused by genetics or another factor that is not within the parent’s control sometimes cavities happen regardless of any healthy diet or dental hygiene practices. It is always best for the child if the parent remains calm and collected and does not act sad or angry in front of their child. The worst thing a parent can say is that it is cavities are a punishment for eating too much sugar or not brushing teeth. The experiences that a child encounters surrounding the dentist at a young age will stay with them into adulthood and the more positive the parents can be, the better.

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Needles and Drills

  • Keep advice to a minimum. No child needs to know about needles and drills. It is very important to not scare your child. The fact is, without this information, parents will be more nervous than their child, and this is the right way to be. It will make things much more difficult if the child is refusing to go to the appointment because he is afraid of the procedure.
  • Send the calmer parent to the appointment with the child. Your kids will sense your anxiety, especially if you, as the parent, have nervousness and anxiety surrounding fillings. Sending the calmer parent will help to not pass stress on to the child.

Pain Relieving Medications

  • When the child is not present, discuss pain relieving medications with your pediatric dentist such as laughing gas for older children and oral sedatives for younger kids. It’s not a good idea to discuss this in front of your child as this may indicate to them that the procedure will be painful. It will also put your mind at ease to know how they will be cared for and protected from discomfort.
  • After the fillings your child may be upset that their mouth is numb. The best approach is to assure them that the feeling will return to normal again soon, and maybe even crack a few jokes to put your child at ease.


How to Prevent Tooth Decay from Happening Again?

Discovering your child needs fillings at a young age will be concerning, and the parent may wonder how to prevent tooth decay from happening again. Your child’s pediatric dentist will be happy to discuss ways to protect the child’s teeth including flossing technique, nutrition advice and products that may enhance oral hygiene.

How Often you Need to Take your Child to the Dentist?

It’s important for parents to know that there are many reasons for cavities that are beyond their control as well, and sometimes the best they can do is be calm and collected for their child, and continue to take the child to the dentist every six months to prevent cavities as much as possible.

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We are a Family Friendly Practice

At Chapnik Dental Office, we provide family dentistry services. Toronto and Barrie dentist, Dr. Adam Chapnick works with every child to build trust and comfort through the entire dental visit process.

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