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Preteen Braces

Does my Preteen Need Braces

Your preteen is not going to like the news that he or she needs braces. The preteen years are a very sensitive time for most kids, and needing braces can make your child feel even more awkward and out of place. If your preteen needs braces there are ways that you, as a parent, can make this transition easier and positive on your young adult.

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What is a Bad Bite?

A bad bite is generally caused by crooked or crowded teeth and sometimes this develops when children suck their thumb as a baby and young child. One of the reasons that is important to have this issue corrected is that it can cause problems with speaking and chewing, in addition to a bad bite causing aesthetic concerns, and this includes an affected appearance, which is the last thing your preteen is going to be happy about. A bad bite can also wear down the jaw, and cause tension and headaches, which will add to the stress that is inherent with being a preteen and teenager.

How Long Wearing Braces Will Take?

Children are being prescribed braces younger than ever before, as pediatric dentists are discovering that early treatment is faster and prevents more serious problems down the road. Preteens typically need braces to correct an improper bite, known as malocclusion. In some cases, this can even be corrected before adult teeth come in. This is now known as Interceptive Orthodontics and it works toward correcting dental problems as the teeth are still developing. It has shown to be highly effective. However, this is still not good news as far as your preteen is concerned.

Parents should be very positive and optimistic with their preteens. Children at this age can also have conversations that are more realistic and mature than children so informing your preteen about the braces, what they will correct and how long it will take, can help to put your child’s mind at ease.


Is Yor Preteen Up For The Responsibility of Cleaning His Teeth?

The upkeep for braces is certainly harder than cleaning teeth without them, and improper brushing can result in permanent staining. The parent will have to decide if their preteen is up for the responsibility of cleaning their teeth in the exact way that the pediatric dentist prescribes. Some parents choose to wait a year or so to get their child braces until they are sure they can handle the cleaning on their own, as a preteen is far too old to have his or her teeth cleaned by parents.

Cost of The Treatment

Although it is best to correct bite problems as early as possible, even adults have braces to fix the same issues. It’s okay to wait, especially if it makes the difference between the effectiveness of the treatment.If you suspect your preteen needs braces, a pediatric dentist can assess your child in a consultation and discuss the cost and maintenance that will be associated with the treatment. To learn more about braces for preteens contact the Chapnick Dental Office team and book an appointment by calling, 705-722-4848 or 647-504-4407.

We are a Family Friendly Practice

At Chapnik Dental Office, we provide family dentistry services. Toronto and Barrie dentist, Dr. Adam Chapnick works with every child to build trust and comfort through the entire dental visit process.

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