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Best Practice in Oral Care Before and After Getting Dentures

Dentures are designed to take the place of natural teeth. Even so, caring for them requires more than regular flossing and brushing. Even though partial dentures will replace a few teeth, the full dentures will occupy the lower, upper and/or both sets completely. At times the full dentures are anchored using attachments to the dental implants. The important point you need to understand is that the oral care routines will change significantly before and after getting dentures.


Natural teeth

To better understand how daily oral care changes once you get dentures, it is good to start by understanding the care needs for the natural teeth. The recommendations are to brush the natural teeth for about 2 minutes twice every day. You also need to floss between your teeth once every day.

You should brush with a soft bristled brush and using a proven fluoride toothpaste. Your toothbrush needs to be the same shape and size as your natural teeth. This is how you guarantee that you reach every part of the teeth and also your gum tissues. In addition to brushing the teeth, the tongue should also be brushed. Bacteria thrive on the tongue too. Change the toothbrush every 3 to 4 months or when the bristles become frayed.


Dental implants and dentures

Dentures are usually removable and they are made using a wide range of artificial materials. According to the Vanderbilt University Medical Center, the majority of dentures are made using flesh-colored acrylic, porcelain, plastic, metal or alloys. Implants are at times used for attaching dentures to your jaw bone. Such implants will protrude from your gum and from the dentures that are attached to protrusions that secure dentures and make them comfortable to wear them.


Taking care of the dentures

Caring for dentures is different from caring for your natural teeth. If you got dentures in aesthetic and cosmetic dentistry, you should note that you will need more time in oral hygiene. You will need to care for the natural teeth and then remove and clean the dentures. Partial dentures are normally attached using precision devices whereas the full dentures are secured using implants or suction. You need to remove dentures once every day and clean them. Don’t sleep with the dentures still on. You also need to be careful when handling dentures because they can break when dropped.

Cosmetic Dentistry
Cosmetic Dentistry

Cleaning dentures

Prior to cleaning the dentures, you need to rinse them in cool, clean water. Remove plaque and food particles from the dentures using soft-bristled toothbrush. The normal toothpaste, household cleaner and hot water are not ideal for cleaning dentures. Toothpaste can discolor some dentures whereas hot water will cause the shape to curve. You should clean the dentures using denture cleansing solution. Take care when cleaning dentures to prevent breakage.

When you remove the dentures at night, place them in water or inside the denture cleaning solution. Doing this will keep them from changing shape or drying out.

As you can see, once you get the dentures, your method of cleaning your teeth will change. One thing that will not change is that you will still need regular oral care using the right products. You will also need to arrange for regular dental checkups.

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Natalia Bradu
Natalia Bradu
14:55 26 Apr 17
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Shamil Shamilov
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Yulia Rebarbar
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Andrew B
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