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Treating a Young, Permanent Tooth Demands a Different Approach

The moment your kids’ baby teeth start to give away, their permanent teeth begin to show up. These teeth aren’t as strong as adult teeth, a reason kids’ teeth must be treated differently from adult teeth. For example, a traditional root canal procedure is effective for an injured or damaged tooth. However, variations of the procedure are recommended for new teeth in children.


Why a different approach?

According to a popular dentist Barrie, pulp plays a significant role in kids’ teeth early development. These teeth continue to grow depending on the jaw growth and facial structure. Much of this growth occurs in the dentin, the tissue between the pulp and the enamel. This tissue increases proportionally to other layers as the tooth grows and matures. It’s pulp that generates new dentin.


The full root canal procedure eliminates the entire pulp tissue. For a mature tooth, the procedure isn’t a significant issue because the tooth doesn’t require more dentin. However, root canal treatment can have a lasting impact on an immature tooth. In fact, procedure interrupts the remaining dentin development in young teeth. This could result in poorly-developed roots and unhealthy teeth. The teeth may also become brittle and darkened. In worst cases, the tooth may eventually require removal.


These are some of the reasons paediatricians are advised to use variations of the root canal procedure when treating children’s teeth depending on the extent and nature of injury or damage.


Given the limitations associated with the root canal treatment, paediatricians should consider it as a last resort for new permanent teeth. However, there are modified alternatives depending on the level of pulp infection or exposure. For instance, if the pulp isn’t damaged, the dentist can eliminate as much decayed dentin as possible and place an antibacterial agent on the tooth. The tooth is then filled to seal it without interfering with the pulp. In case the pulp is affected partially, the dentist eliminates the affected part and places a substance that can make the dentin grow faster.


It’s important for the paediatrician to focus on treating the child’s tooth with minimum contact with the pulp. That prevents any chances of diminishing its capacity to generate the required level of dentin. Avoiding a full root canal procedure by using other techniques or variations of the procedure will help in handling the current tooth damage issue and also ensure that the kid’s tooth continues to grow to full maturity.


Barrie dentist believes that salvaging a kid’s tooth is as important as saving a mature tooth. Here are the reasons.


  • Premature loss of a child’s permanent teeth affects the child’s ability to chew
  • Teeth loss inhibits or distorts speech development
  • In some cases, damaged teeth destroy the alignment of the teeth especially when they fall. Overlapping and crooked teeth aren’t easy to clean and maintain. Thus, the kid is likely to face dental issues throughout his or her life.


Getting all your kid’s dental issues handled by a qualified paediatrician is important. These professionals understand different approaches to handling kids’ permanent teeth.

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J Cave
J Cave
12:59 09 Jul 18
We moved to Barrie in 1997 and my family has been coming to Dr. Chapnick since then! We love the whole team and have never had a bad visit! I encourage everyone to come here .
Nikki Stephens
Nikki Stephens
21:37 06 Jun 18
I had such a relaxing experience for a tooth extraction. Super friendly staff. Now today is my son's first consult and he is having a great time in the play area. Highly recommended!
Kayla Lopez
Kayla Lopez
12:37 08 Jun 18
What a fantastic office, the staff are incredibly thoughtful and friendly ❤ And a big thank you to Monique, who was so patient and gentle with my kids, they're actually excited to go to the dentist if they know that shes going to be there. Highly recommend!
Cassandra Mckechnie
Cassandra Mckechnie
15:28 31 May 18
The staff here are always so friendly! I hadn’t been to a dentist in years before coming here. It’s a very stress free environment where you can relax while there.
Nadia Chalmers
Nadia Chalmers
19:04 30 Jan 18
Our daughter was 5 weeks old when she had a frenectomy done at Molson Park Dental and we couldn’t be happier with the experience and end results. The entire team was so friendly and did such a wonderful job keeping me at ease during the procedure. Also, our daughter started nursing 100 times better immediately after the procedure was done. We can’t thank you enough for allowing us to continue our breastfeeding journey pain free and allowing our daughter the ability to nurse efficiently :)
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